Tantric massage – description – what is and how is it done?

What is Tantric massage?

Tantric massage is a deeply relaxing and healing bodywork. Nowadays we are so overwhelmed with materialism that we totally forgot about our bodies, we stopped to feel life, emotions and often we disconnect from our senses. Tantric massage, allows to get back to the present moment and totally immerse yourself in your body and allows to feel every cell. This is possible only when the energy flows freely through our bodies. Unfortunately, it is rare for a person to be fully deprived of so-called energy blockages in the body. The blocked energy, in the form of traumatic experiences from the past, is still in our bodies and does not disappear, blocking the natural flow of energy. If the life energy does not reach certain areas for a long time, physical disorders can occur in the form of eg. mental or physical illness. Tantric massage unblocks the sexual energy, to which also follows Sexual Healing of the soul of the body. It worth to read also Tantric massage vs ordinary classical massage – what’s the difference?


Sexual energy - bliss and samadhi

It is sacred sexual energy that is used during the massage in order to cleanse mind and body. If our body is already cleaned it easier for it to open up to bliss and ecstasy. During the massage it can lead to very deep experiences, for example full body energy orgasms, or simply just to enter pure bliss state and another state of our consciousness, to release anger or tears of sadness. Feeling the flow of high vibration sexual energy during the session is the natural state of things, it's very healing to both body and mind that have been programmed in such a way that sex, sexuality and sexual energy are something bad, dirty and forbidden. Tantra treats the body as holiness and sexual energy is deeply respected because it is one of the means of entry into the state of samadhi, or enlightenment. Many people during the massage session feel bliss, but because it is an energetic massage, not an erotic massage, it can lead to healing, deliverance and emotions and old traumas unblocking. It is a natural phenomenon, the person receiving the massage may throwaway through himself or herself emotions such as sadness, anger, hatred, and even laughter. Then both the person giving and receiving massage help to dissolve these energies, so that they could no more dominate over the life of the person receiving the massage. If we have a lot of traumas, it can be compared to having multiple CDs or DVDs, in which we have saved our past. Every time in our lives the same old story plays out again and again, we meet the same kind of partner, fall into the same trap. But why it happens? Because this energy is simply a vibration that radiates and attracts by resonance similar to the vibration events. Time to change your vibration and give to it our life.


How long does a tantric massage session last?

The massage takes from 1,5 to 3 hours. It all depends from the needs of the person that receives the massage, at the beginning we suggest an 1,5 or 2 hour massage session. Our mission is to spread more love in this world free from suffering. The massage is a way to liberate the body from the shackles of grief, anger, frustration, because healing and cleansing of emotions happens. We experienced it out on ourselves and our lives have changed for the better, fuller and happier.



Techniques and practice of tantric massage

When it comes to the techniques that we use during tantric massage, one of the key things are marma points and elements of acupressure, which are really healing for the body. We've been to many tantric massage courses, for this reason we use different techniques, we are mostly driven by our experience and intuition, and that's why every person that comes to us needs a completely different kind of massage.


What includes tantric massage?

During the massage the whole body is massaged. We begin by massaging the back, legs, hands, then we massage the front side, and yoni or lingam massage.



How to order a massage?

You can book a massage filling in this form. The dates for appointments are limited, because there is a huge interest for massages, thus we require early reservation. Hari Om and let love guide you!

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