Book a tantric massage for your Valentine and for yourself! <3

Kurs masażu tantrycznego dla pary

Tantric massage for couples – a unique gift for Valentine's Day

It's approaching a holiday, which for many people is a controversial holiday - Valentine's Day - a special time to celebrate love and relationship.
We agree that the celebration of a close connection between two people should be done regularly and without specific opportunities, but perhaps we all agree that in this fast-moving world, we often forget about doing each other pleasure. And Valentine's Day time is a very good time to take care of your partner in a differently way than usual and open up again to the bliss and joy of intimacy with the other person.


Unforgettable experience - Gift for Her and for Him

Probably many of you are wondering what to give the Beloved one / his beloved as a gift for Valentine's Day. Another perfume, clothes, gadgets - it's all passe' ... According to us the best gift for Valentine's Day is an unforgettable experience that you can live together. We propose a very unique massage which is a Tantric massage. Tantric massage is an extraordinary gift that both of you will remember and cherish for looong time.


You will down next to each other in the Temple, a specially prepared for place in an apartment, for spiritual practices. In the room you will relax with high-vibration music; sink into the relaxing scent of herbs and essential oils and Your body will illuminated by candlelight. The masseurs in full presence of touch introduce you to a very special place, which is yourself. A place full of love, bliss, peace and unusual pleasure. Everything depends on you - how deep you want to reach.


Why Tantric Massage is the best gift for Valentine's day?

Tantric Massage opens the body for pleasure and thanks to the activation of sexual energy removes energy blockages which do not allow to get into our layers of bliss. Tantric massage is more than just technique - it's the perfect way to wake up the sleeping body on a sensual and spiritual experience. After leaving the temple you will feel more open to each other, to the touch and to the closeness. You will feel much better both physically and emotionally.

Tantric massage is very well invested money in an unusual pleasure for you, your partner and for passion in the relationship.



Tantric massage workshop for couples – an original gift for Valentine's Day

If you feel that you want to dive more often in the unique ocean of bliss in the comfort of your home, we invite you and your partner to a tantric massage workshop where you will learn the art of giving and receiving a massage, and the creation of a special relationship between masseur and the receiver. During the workshop you will know the basis of the secret teachings of tantra.

From that moment, every weekend can look like the perfect Valentine's Day 🙂


Special price offer for the Valentines

We have for you a special price offer, which is valid throughout February 2017.

  • Tantric massage for couples 1,5 h – 450 zł instead of 600 zł
  • Tantric massage workshop for couples 1 day – 1000 zł zamiast 1200 zł
  • Tantric massage workshop for couples 2 days – 1800 zł zamiast 2000zł

Give yourselves a real delight!!

Note: in order to use this offer, please write "Walentynki2017" in the booking form.
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