Tantric massage and healing sessions

tantric massage

Tantric massage

Tantric massage at Anahata Tantra TempleTantric massage is a relaxing, soothing and healing technique of bodywork. It is a very sensual journey to the inner self through sexual energy, which according to Tantra is sacred and deeply respected. With the tantric massage we endeavor to awaken vital energy (which is sexual energy) in every cell of our body. We move this energy from the lower parts of the body to the upper parts, unlocking the existing energy and cleansing the individual main chakras and energy channels, therefore the tantric massage has a healing nature.
However, the main purpose of massage is to fully open the body to bliss, to pleasure, to an orgasmic sensation throughout the body.


Tantric massage pays homage to the natural nudity of the body, so it is adopted without clothes.


More about tantric massage in our article: Tantric massage – description – what is and how is it done?

We strongly recommend you read the Tantric Massage FAQ before booking: Frequently Asked Questions about tantric massage

You can make your reservation here: https://www.anahatatantra.com/book-a-tantric-massage/



The massage is 1,5h or 2h long. In the prices section you can read about the different prices for different durations.

Some of the possible effects of tantric massage:

Of course the best results can be obtained by taking a series of massages, but after the first massage you will notice changes:

  • feeling of sexual energy in the whole body
  • bliss
  • relax
  • calmness
  • opening up to greater passion in life
  • greater desire
  • get rid of shame from nakedness
  • increased self-esteem and self-confidence
  • greater openness to feelings of emotion in the body
  • większa wrażliwość i delikatność
  • greater clarity of thinking and mind; better ability to focus
  • Greater love for oneself
  • Improving relationships with loved ones
  • ability to create deep connections with people


Healing sessions

Healing session at Anahata Tantra TempleA healing session includes conversation, counseling, body work, voice, breathing, work with energy and intuition.

A Session is most often held in nudity, touching / massaging various points on the body, where blockages, traumas, injuries and uncontrolled, repressed, unnoticed emotions are collected.

Before the healing session, we recommend to come for a tantric massage to wake sexual energy, awaken the hot energy of Kundalini Shakti, and prepare the body for the cleansing process.


Sessions take from 2h to 3h.

Possible work areas:

  • Unleash your sexuality - work with blockages, traumas, fears, negative patterns and beliefs
  • acceptance of your body and nudity
  • opening to bliss and pleasure
  • open up to a close and deep connection with another person
  • work with wounds toward men and women
  • discovering and deepening femininity and masculinity
  • work with low self esteem
  • work with frequent feelings of negative emotions, such as anger, sadness
  • lack of motivation in life and motivation to act
  • menstrual cramps


You can make your reservation here: https://www.anahatatantra.com/book-a-tantric-massage/


When to choose a tantric massage and when to choose a healing session? - The purpose and intention are the most important

If your main intention is to relax, relax, improve your well-being, feel blissful and have a flow of sexual energy throughout your body we invite you for a tantric massage.

If otherwise your main intention is to work on blockages in the areas described above, we invite you to receive a healing session.



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