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Sexual energy in Tantra – part 2 – Law of Attraction

Sexual energy - law of attraction
Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the universe. It penetrates everything, animates everything, and possesses an incredibly transformative power. It (...) law of attraction, which will be the subject of today's article, is closely connected to sexual energy. You can read more about sexual energy in Tantra in the first part of the article on Sexual Energy in Tantra - part 1. Sexual energy and the power of intention - observations on the Law of Attraction The Law of Attraction I (...) not enough, they do not have such power. The power is given to thoughts by energy , which, according to Rhonda Byrne, is given in the form of emotions. Emotions are (...) way. Gratitude, love, joy, bliss are very powerful energies that can work wonders in life. Energy becomes a tool that harmonizes our will with the forces of the universe. An extraordinary (...) mind and kept hearing "it's not true", "you don't have it", "you don't feel it". Sexual energy and the power of attraction I abandoned experiments related to the Law of Attraction and the (...) topic, and I do not want to discuss it extensively now. When I began working with sexual energy again, I rediscovered the power of thought, manifestation, and intention. As I wrote at the (...)
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Tantric massage and healing sessions

tantric massage
(...) and healing technique of bodywork. It is a very sensual journey to the inner self through sexual energy, which according to Tantra is sacred and deeply respected. With the tantric massage we endeavor to awaken vital energy (which is sexual energy) in every cell of our body. We move this energy from the lower parts of the body to the upper parts, unlocking the existing energy and cleansing the individual main chakras and energy channels, therefore the tantric massage has a healing nature. However, the main purpose of massage is (...) a series of massages, but after the first massage you will notice changes: feeling of sexual energy in the whole body bliss relax calmness opening up to greater passion in life greater (...) connections with people   Healing sessions A healing session includes conversation, counseling, body work, voice, breathing, work with energy and intuition. A Session is most often held in nudity, touching / massaging various points on (...) are collected. Before the healing session, we recommend to come for a tantric massage to wake sexual energy, awaken the hot energy of Kundalini Shakti, and prepare the body for the cleansing process. Duration Sessions take from 2h to (...)
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Sexual energy in tantra – what is sexual energy?

The concept of sexual energy in the modern world is limited to the sexual act, but in tantra sexual energy means much more. Sexual energy is everywhere First of all it is worth to realize that sexual energy is everywhere, in tantra it is understood as vital energy - thanks to it we live, move and function. A gust of wind, a flower opening up (...) sun rays, the ocean waves crashing against the rocks - all this is a manifestation of sexual energy. Do we see in these phenomena something sexual? In tantra, sexuality means life, a continuous movement of energy.
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