Sexual energy in Tantra – part 2 – Law of Attraction

Sexual energy - law of attraction

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the universe. It penetrates everything, animates everything, and possesses an incredibly transformative power. It arises from the polarization of two energies - male and female - which, according to Tantra, are the building blocks of the world that surrounds us. The law of attraction, which will be the subject of today's article, is closely connected to sexual energy.

You can read more about sexual energy in Tantra in the first part of the article on Sexual Energy in Tantra - part 1.

Sexual energy and the power of intention - observations on the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

I noticed that very often people who start their spiritual development and journey, begin with topics such as the Law of Attraction, the power of positive thinking, and affirmation. It was the same with me. Unfortunately, manifestations did not always, and even rarely, have their effects in everyday life, or their realization took a long time.

Most of us have heard that our thoughts create reality, that what we think about, what we focus on - we attract to ourselves. Probably in the most popular book on the Law of Aattraction "The Secret", we learn that thoughts alone are not enough, they do not have such power. The power is given to thoughts by energy, which, according to Rhonda Byrne, is given in the form of emotions. Emotions are a specific vibration that vibrates in the body and resonates with the Universe. For example, if we want to attract prosperity and financial abundance into our lives, we should already feel the emotions of gratitude for the abundance we currently have, in order to emanate this vibration and attract even more abundance in this way. Gratitude, love, joy, bliss are very powerful energies that can work wonders in life. Energy becomes a tool that harmonizes our will with the forces of the universe. An extraordinary process that seems to be very simple, although it is not entirely so.

I noticed that it was difficult for me to feel all these positive emotions when life circumstances were not very positive and favorable. And yet, most often we want to manifest, for example, financial prosperity when we do not have it. However, the lack causes fear, anxiety, emotions of low vibrations, and in this way, we attract more deficiencies. Books, videos on the Law of Attraction taught me: "feel gratitude for what you already have: for faithful friends, for loving family, for the hot sun in the summer, for delicious coffee that you can drink every morning". I must admit that it was difficult for me to feel such gratitude, REAL gratitude at a deep level, and I could not fool my subconscious mind and kept hearing "it's not true", "you don't have it", "you don't feel it".

Sexual energy and the power of attraction

I abandoned experiments related to the Law of Attraction and the power of manifestation for some time. I lacked patience. After some time, I also realized that I wanted to attract things into my life that I actually wanted "out of my head," and worse - they weren't even mine. However, this is another topic, and I do not want to discuss it extensively now.

When I began working with sexual energy again, I rediscovered the power of thought, manifestation, and intention. As I wrote at the outset, sexual energy is a potent and desirable resource unique to Earth. It's an energy that we can use to fuel any intention related to both spiritual development and material life. The body has a natural ability to store energy - our bodies are like batteries, connected to a source of cosmic energy that nourishes us. The more access you have to sexual energy, the greater your power of creation and realization of your chosen goals. Everything happens much faster, and you don't have to "fight" your subconscious. Of course, it is still essential to experience emotions with high vibrations, but from my self-observation and observation of others, active sexual energy in the body already causes greater activity, vitality, motivation for action, and life.

The Power of Intention and Tantric Massage

Before starting a tantric massage, during a short meditation, we ask the person being massaged about their intention for the massage. We ask them to speak this intention out loud so that it can begin to work in the space. The most common intentions I encounter during tantric massage work are:

  • unblocking sexual energy
  • awakening female, active, multi-orgasmic energy in the body
  • feeling bliss in everyday life
  • feeling pleasure, joy
  • being ecstatic
  • awakening sexuality, passion
  • getting rid of shame
  • access to abundance
  • feeling more love in life
  • improving relationships with loved ones
  • being in a state of a calm mind
  • increasing self-worth, building self-confidence
  • opening up to deep connections with people

During a tantric massage, a large amount of sexual energy, or life energy, is generated, which is directed straight at the stated intention. Sexual energy is most often blocked in the lower chakras (energy centers in the body) and is then conducted through the solar plexus to the heart and then to higher energy centers. The whole body vibrates with high-energy sexual energy, which acts like a magnet - not just for the opposite sex 🙂

For the past few months, I have been observing all of these wonders. I also see how important it is to strive to be in a high vibrational energy, in the light, and at the same time, how much blocks us from maintaining these vibrations. Pulled "down," I lay and absorbed all the resources of sexual energy and any well-being that existed at that moment into a black hole of despair. I have experienced the law of attraction and its opposing vectors on my own skin. I know and feel with my whole being how important it is to unblock and protect our energy resources.


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