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  1. I want to book:Tantric massageHealing sessionHealing session with BBTRS© method1 day tantric massage workshop1 day tantric massage workshopVoucher as a gift for another person
  2. Choose the type of massage:Tantric massage Senses Wide Open for 1 personTantric massage Kama Marma for 1 personTantric massage Fire Snake for 1 personTantric massage for 1 couple
  3. Chosen massage: Senses Wide Open:Senses Wide Open from the womanSenses Wide Open from the manSenses Wide Open 4 hands from man and woman
  4. Chosen massage: Kama Marma:Kama Marma from the womanKama Marma from the manKama Marma 4 hand from man and woman
  5. Chosen massage: Fire Snake Ritual:Kama Marma from the womanKama Marma from the manKama Marma 4 hand from man and woman
  6. Chosen massage: For couplesSenses Wide Open for a couple from man and womanKama Marma for a couple from man and woman
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  8. Please write if you have health problems (chronic or when receiving a massage / session) and please write if you have allergy to almond or coconut oil or cats.
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