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  • Received a tantric massage from Sergio

Hi Sergio!
It’s quite a long time since I have been at Anahata Tantra temple for 1st tantra massage session. I will share below so me of my observations.

Also I would like to schedule next session when
possible and ask if you still gather cases for havening practice?


Feedback after sense wide open massage:

Even though it’s almost 2.5 months, I wanted to share some things that I experienced after previous tantra massage session:
- on the day of massage I felt very happy and enjoyed my body and felt that I couldn’t help smiling till the end of the day, had a lot of energy and love in my heart
- next couple of days - I had a travel. This was a bit stressful, and I started to feel anxiety and was overwhelmed with different emotions, mainly anxiety. I physically felt as if my heart was a bit overheated and it was felt like it has too little space in the body and it’s too narrow space inside. I tried to relax it with breathing. It worked only partly and for short period of time, and I felt I can’t control the energy and emotions, so I eventually gave up and experienced the whole spectrum of emotions (many joys and many tears in short).

That was short-term effects. Long-term - I feel that I have less fears and more energy to socialise, to go into new things and experiments, also it is one of the most positive and optimistic autumns in the recent 10-15 years for me (I previously used to get depressed easily by colder weather, autumn/winter vibes). I observe something new in myself, which is not yet clear to me and not yet tangible or fully formed… but it is still nice and refreshing feeling which inspires me a lot. Thank you for helping me to find out those parts within myself 🫶

O., O.'s effect after Sergio's massage


  • Received a tantric massage from Agnieszka
  • He is from UK

Paul is from UK, and Agnieszka gave him a massage in March 2o18


Made so very welcome this evening by Sergio & Agnieszka. A very informative introduction to the principles they apply to their services. Very warm and comfortable surroundings. Agnieszka was perfect. She was able to induce total relaxation through and introductory meditation. After that it became a total new experience on a level not found before. Feeling so good mentally and physically.

Paul, Paul's testimonial for Agnieszka's tantric massage


  • Received a tantric massage from Natalia
  • He is from France
Hi Natalia & Sergio,

Let me send you this short email, after being back home in France.
It was hard to be back to « daily » working life after such incredible experience

Still difficult to explain and find the right words to describe that…
But what I can say is that you definitely have HUGE powerful & positive energy to share, and this is really what we need nowadays, to makes our life better in this materialistic world.

So BIG THANK YOU ! And I will come-back to your temple next time I am in Warsaw, for sure.

Take care !


Cyril, Cyril's testimonial for Natalia's tantric massage


  • Received a tantric massage from Sergio
  • She is from USA

Annaka is from USA and Sergio gave her a massage in May 2015

Sergio is expertly trained by the best in the field! He makes you feel welcome, at ease and sexy! His training surpasses all other healing techniques and purifies the body better than anything else out there! Sergio's touch is passionate, healing, thoughtful, and you feel 100% safe in his hands. I highly recommend Sergio for your healing needs!!! This is an amazing Experience that I feel everyone should try for themselves. It is an experience you will never forget and the healing potential is off the charts!!!
Annaka, Annaka testimonial for Sergio's tantric massage


  • Received a 2 hands tantric massage from Sergio
  • She is from Poland
  • She has been going to psychologist, but 1 week after the massage the psychologist came to the conclusion that she doesn't need psychologist help anymore

[Translated from Polish to English]

The 1st day she wrote:

Here few words about today 🙂

From the very morning and for the whole day I can't even look at food related with meat. Until yesterday I couldn't even think about life without eating meat, and today it makes me sick just looking at it. What's more the whole day I ate healthy (usually I don't think about what I eat, because I have a very fast lifestyle and to me food was always a problematic topic, as well as my weight, because I tried already a million ineffective diets for nothing). I am really happy about it and I wish this feeling will last as long as possible. 🙂

It was very easy to me today to focus on the tasks that I had to do, everything came to me without much problem and every time EVERYTHING succeeded! I usually have troubles concentrating, today I totally didn't have any troubles with it.

Since I woke up I feel so positive about everything, I feel everything that happens around me differently, more consciously, I never had such feeling before. I have more thoughts about the things around me, it's also something new.

I must tell you that with these problems I went to a psychologist who doesn't help so much. Since some time I am wondering whether to give up going to the psychologist, because it doesn't help.

And after yesterday's meeting with you, everything began to change. It is amazing.

At the end of the day I started to have headache, it's a different kind of pain than I know. Yesterday and today I also had diarrhea.

Usually, I can not resist a day without music, I love to listen music every moment, to think about things while listening various songs. Today my music completely didn't give me pleasure, it irritated me. And the whole time I was thinking only about the music, which I heard from you, I missed it.

I wonder if it's all just over-interpretation, or really anything extraordinary begins to happen with me. But let it last as long as possible. I will keep observing further. 🙂

I would like to know more about all of this. When I think about what happened yesterday, somewhere in the middle I feel that I am going on the right path. It's a so irrational feeling. I guess I have to start reading about tantra, meditation, etc. 🙂

Good night




The 2 day she wrote:

Hello 🙂

Today it was a little bit worse. I have menstruation, but something has changed, its not as much as usual, and there is not such a terrible pain as always. I feel that something hurts me, but in a different way than usual, and it is all bearable.

I walk all day irritated, even my family is somewhat in tension, we had a little quarrel. Even today, I cried. And in my mind there are thousands of thoughts with which I can not handle ...

From morning go behind me smells of incense, every moment I feel various scents. Although around there is nothing that could smell this way. Perhaps too much I try to see different things, since I'm always more than others sensitive to smells. But this fact makes me thing.

Today I can't stand meat even more. And still I can't listen to my music.

I'm starting to meditate. 🙂 I used to think about it very intensively, but honestly I was a little scared, because, you know, I don't know about it. Even once in college we had classes with meditation and yoga elements. Already at that time it began to pull me. But still I was afraid. After your words, I have a little more courage. 😉

I am very happy take advantage of your support! Immediately after our meeting I thought about it. First, I would like to start with small steps. Therefore, meditation! 🙂 I think in fact the massage was a great start of it all. I wonder what else awaits me in the next few days.

As for my psychologist, regardless of anyone, but only from my personal feelings I had to give up long time ago, I think I learned a lot, but at this stage I stopped to gain knowledge about my self from this form. In contrast, my going to the psychologist is still super useful because of my studies - it is the living science of how then to work (or not work) with others. Although all the time I wonder if I took a good decision to go to these studies. Time will tell. I know one thing - I fulfill in helping people and psychology gives me a big part of it. 🙂




The 3 day she wrote:


My third day:

today totally strange and bad. I had little arguments all the time, I cried again, which to me does not happen often, I felt very painfully the whole body. And to constantly bothersome thoughts circling in my head, all the time I involuntarily wondered what is the meaning of all this, why I'm doing all this.

Indeed the clothes are looser. 🙂

I began to meditate, at the beginning it's hard, thoughts fly in all directions, but this is probably obvious, I need to learn everything. I am now a bit like a small child who only learns the world.

Exactly! Incense! I'll tell you that today in the store I was holding one in my hand and I had to buy them, but I do not know why, I did not. And literally after some 10 minutes, I open your mail and read about the incense. 🙂 Tomorrow I will buy.

Sleep well!



The 4 day she wrote:

The fourth day was calm. Altogether I did not see anything new, everything is special, as I wrote before is still going on. Well, maybe except for the fact that today there was no quarrel or cry. Although I have vast experience of sadness a total emptiness overwhelms me. I do not like this state. I do not quite know what to do then, how to defend against this sadness. I feel some relief in meditation, today was much better for me to concentrate. But then everything comes back ...

I will do the asana as soon as the menstruation will end. Thanks for the suggestion.

I do not know what else I can write. I have a melancholy mood ... again the sense of everything is escaping somewhere...



The 5 day she wrote:

ahh, I feel totally very strange, I have such a jumping mood, yesterday I had a worse mood, and today the opposite, I have a very positive attitude, I feel somewhere in myself that I gave myself a big change ... I have a feeling as if soon would meet me something amazing. and it accompanies me since the morning.

As for yesterday's sadness, it's very interesting what you write, I would never have thought that you can do this, to feel it even more, up to turn into positive emotions. I have to try that next time. This all coincides with psychology, which I learn, because it's easier for me to understand.

I have no menstruation, it is also amazing, because usually, as I said, lasted a minimum of four days, the longest 7. A three here, and it's actually a little bleeding. Only the pain at the beginning as usual. But a lot is changing, wonderful to be able to observe.

Today, it came back to me desire for intercourse, before these three days somehow couldn't even think about it. And now I feel like coming back to me all the strength. :)))





The 6 day she wrote:

Today I went alone for a walk in the park in the evening. It was lovely, quiet, almost nobody in the park. Indeed it was good to me, I felt even better than previously, perhaps for the first time in my life I felt that I am a part of all that, I am part of the world. cool 🙂

Today calm, I feel the harmony with myself. Throughout the day, I felt such a feeling coming over me everywhere love ..

Although now, when I go to sleep again begins to come to me some such anxiety, fear, I do not even know why ...



The 7 day she wrote:

Day seven. I have a tremendous inner peace. Nothing is able to get me out of balance. And today was a million such situations. And even though I know that usually I would have exploded with grief a thousand times, today I was the mainstay of peace, always to the people, I was discovering and I discover love in them, something beautiful. I wish that this state will last longer.

Today, the relations with men are a bit down. It's a strange thing to say, because suddenly, as if they all conspired, all my old objects sighs begun to write to me. Well, I have a little dilemma, because recently I promised myself that I will focus on myself and not on men, which there were a lot in my life, usually quite dark stories. And now I feel that in some way their fate touches me, I'm not immune to them as I wanted to. Here, too, I have a lot of room for reflection...

Besides it, perhaps for the first time since long time, I can say that I feel good about myself. For a very long time I struggled with my complexes, bad habits, etc. And now all this is somewhere near me. I know I'm not perfect, I'm far from what I would like to achieve, but that does not matter to me such a huge matter how long ago did. I am very happy

I am a week without meat, no sweets, no junk food. This is a huge feat for me. Especially that it comes with such ease, that to me is the most amazing,  I don't do any effort, it just happens. Ahh and I love to cook. I've always liked, but I never had time. And now I can find the time somehow! 🙂 🙂

Today, again, I have such a melancholy state, while thousands of thoughts are swirling in my head ...

I had to write you what's up with me for a week, right? Frankly I already got used to writing and somehow I can not imagine, I will have to stop. It's also weird for me.

Oh, no, and one more thing: people today are looking for a contact with me, my touch, I was even surprised that I was in such a big spotlight. Despite my peaceful mood, light withdrawal. And they hugged, of course !! :))

It's probably all for now.

have beautiful dreams


The 8 day she wrote:

In general today I was a psychologist and she noticed the difference from the beginning of the conversation with me. She was very surprised. 🙂 And I understood a lot of things about me, and we both reached the conclusion that I do not have go to her any longer.

Asia, Effects after tantric massage

Eliza & François

[Translated from Polish to English]

I feel that you are doing great.
I have some free time, so I write a few words after Sunday's workshop.

The workshop was amazing and it allowed us to discover our energy reserves.
I never thought that chakras have such a big impact on the functioning of the body and relationships with others ...
We felt that we really have so much of that energy and that we can develop it further.
Therefore it's great that you showed us how to release it one another via the massage - we will practice and we hope that we will reach the next level.
If you could recommend us a book in Polish on budget it would be awesome.

Regarding the sensations in the body after the workshop:

  1. Fatigue - I felt that all my energy ran away from me, I had to quickly lie down to sleep, but the next day it was great
  2. I stopped to have a fancy for meat, I can not look at it, nor I want to eat it, I do not know if it's because of the workshop, or it just somehow happened. But I feel that my body doesn't need it
  3. Frank feels good, he is still mega impressed by his abdominal orgasm and he it incredibly surprised him so now I have the challenge to give it to him again 🙂

Kisses and take care and if there will be an interesting Tantra event in Warsaw let us know and we will book the tickets
See you in February for another workshop led by you, we will come for new knowledge 🙂

Eliza & François, Testimonial about the workshop for couples


  • Received a 4 hands tantric massage
  • She is from Poland
  • Suffers from depression

Ania is a girl from Poland. She is taking pills to overcome the depression disease. She goes regularly to psychologists since few years. She booked a tantric massage from us. We asked her to write us every day whether she felt some changes, and if yes what did she felt differently. Here are her words (translated from Polish to English):


1 day after the massage she wrote:

Hello, not in the shoulders or head, but generally I feel better, somehow so I am feel more positively with myself, as if the mind was more connected with the body, I do not know if you know what I mean, because I am not able describe it 😛 and besides it, I have a little sore on the sternum and in the uppoer abdomen. And great is the oil used, because my skin looks better. And yesterday I heard that I look different and happy, I really had a very good mood.

2 day after the massage she wrote:

Hey. As for today I still feel more positive and I do not know what it is, but I see there's something true about the smaller waist : P I don't have any stomach problems, and the pants that until now I wore only once last week and were quite tight at the waist, now they are even a little loose 😛 I do not know how much is the power of suggestion and that generally I feel better with myselft, and how much was the massage effect, but I like it.


3 day after the massage she wrote:

Okay, here is today's report 🙂 I continue to feel better, I noticed today as well, that somehow I have more orderly thoughts, which in turn make me calmer. Generally, less acquired in more desire to act. Lately it was not so terribly bad, but now it is somehow better.

8 day after the massage she wrote:

Hello, I did not write yesterday nor the day before yesterday, and since it was supposed to be about a week. So.. the last days nothing has changed, it is better than it was. I didn't do unfortunately the exercise you suggested, because I had a lot of work, but I will do it during the weekend, and next week I'm heading to yoga 🙂


A., Recenzja masażu tantrycznengo na 4 ręce


  • Received a 4 hands tantric massage
  • She is from Thailand

Sananpim is from Thailand and we both gave her a massage in May 2015


I received a 4 hands massage from Natalia and Sergio 3 months ago, It was so amazing with unexpected result that my life blockages was released during the massage which I could not be able to control myself to scream and upper half of body lifted from the floor like an eagle spread the wing when prepare to receiving something greater…that was unbelievable but so fantastic. Immediately after the massage I felt change, life and feeling was more light and bright sound like I drop the whole world from my back to the ground and be able to stand smartly. Since that time of receiving, I feel a lot of positive change in my life like happiness, feeling, maturity very strong to deal and manage with daily life…many people sense it from me and they said I look younger and more aura especially more attractive. I would highly recommend you to experience the massage especially the 4 hands which will transform your life forever. Thanks Natalia and Sergio for the great experience Love Always from Thailand…Sananpim

Sananpim, Sananpim, 4 hands Tantric massage review


  • Received a 4 hands tantric massage
  • She is from Poland
  • Suffers from depression

Mina is a Polish girl. She is taking Esc****ram pills for depression. She booked a tantric massage from us. Here is her review.


1 day after massage she wrote:

Dziendobry! pierwszy wpis z dziennika kapitana 😉 Po pierwsze, nie pamietam, kiedy ostatnio tak dlugo spalam:) Pierwsza bardzo duza roznica, po przebudzeniu nie czuje od razu takiego wewnetrznego niepokoju, ktory sie zawsze gdzie sie okolicach przepony chowal i siedzial tam caly czas wlasciwie. Zawsze tam wlasnie czulam jakies spiecie a teraz czuje, ze wszystko mam w srodku rozluznione. Samopoczucie na razie dobre. Jeszcze na nikogo gniewnie nie wybuchlam 😉


3 day after massage she wrote:

Dziennik kapitana dzien trzeci 🙂 Nie mialam zadnych wiekszych fizycznych objawow, lekki bol glowy w sobote i pod wieczor nudnosci, ale nic wielkiego. Czuje sie swietnie, mam bardzo dobry humor, mnostwo energii i jestem zdecydowanie milsza dla ludzi i mam wiecej cierpliwosci 🙂 prawdziwy test bedzie, co prawda, dzisiaj w pracy jeszcze. I przede wszystkim znacznie latwiej mi sie zasypia, nie mam juz tej gonitwy mysli. Zobaczymy, jak bedzie dalej, ale na razie jestem Wam bardzo wdzieczna, bo zycie jest zdecydowanie lzejsze 🙂 Milego poniedzialku!


4 day after the massage she wrote:

Dziennik kapitana, dzień kolejny 🙂 Dzisiaj niestety nastapil mocny spadek formy. Jakis taki ogolny smutek mnie dopadl i mocny bol glowy od popoludnia. nie wiem, na ile to pogoda a na ile jakies oczyszczanie moje od srodka albo moje ogolne wahania nastrojow, jakie sie czasem zdarzaja, ale jest niezbyt przyjemnie. Mam nadzieje, ze to chwilowe.

Poki co kombinuje, jakby sie do Was ewentualnie wybrac wczesniej niz za miesiac 🙂 bo do wczoraj czulam sie idealnie i chcialabym sie tak czus czesciej.

Mina, 4 hands Tantric massage review