Sexual energy in tantra – what is sexual energy?

The concept of sexual energy in the modern world is limited to the sexual act, but in tantra sexual energy means much more.

Sexual energy is everywhere

First of all it is worth to realize that sexual energy is everywhere, in tantra it is understood as vital energy - thanks to it we live, move and function. A gust of wind, a flower opening up to the sun rays, the ocean waves crashing against the rocks - all this is a manifestation of sexual energy. Do we see in these phenomena something sexual?

In tantra, sexuality means life, a continuous movement of energy. Sexual energy means life. In the case when this energy is blocked, the person experiences many unpleasant consequences, such as physical illnesses as wells as mental health probles, and it is worth mentioning about the disease of this century - depression.

Blocked sexual energy

The fastest way to deal with this problem, in our opinion, it is to unblock the sexual energy in the body. So when the energy flows freely in the body we are healthy and happy. A worse news is that most people have this energy blocked.

Most people who first come for massage are disconnected from their power and the basic life energy. Tantric massage is primarily designed to unblock the sexual energy in the body and it has nothing to do with sex or sexual pleasure. During the massage we wake up the Kundalini Shakti energy, which is located at the bottom of the spine. It is the same energy used in Kundalini Yoga, however tantra has a different approach to the body, as it is not based on a masculine approach aimed to achieve a goal, but it uses no pressure to achieve results, so that the kundalini shakti energy is able to naturally awaken, when the body is cleaned and ready for it.

True tantric massage

The true Tantric Massage is primarily a work of breathing and unblocking energy channels. The whole body is massaged, because life energy is found in every cell of our body, hands, toes and even the head ?

The true Tantric massage does not consist in working with the lingam, but it is above all a work with the breath and move and channel the energy to the upper chakras and upper parts of the body, in order cleanse the body of blockages and learn to circulate this energy within the body. Most men have the sexual energy blocked at the level of the Lingam, for this reason we use special tao techniques, work with sound and breath. When the energy flows freely in the body, the Lingam massage is not needed.

Tantric massage is an advanced work with the body and can be performed only by a person who is competent, seized power in his/her own body and practices tantra every day. Read also about how to distinguish a professional from a hustler and how does tantric massage differ from erotic massage.

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