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Gift to the inner child

(...) the natural joy of a child. How to order a tantric massage at the Anahata Tantra Temple? We invite you warmly. Please fill in a short form on our website: https://www.anahatatantra.com/book-a-tantric-massage/ We will contact you to schedule a specific massage date. Namaste Paula Natalia Sergio
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Sexual energy in tantra – what is sexual energy?

(...) of sexual energy in the modern world is limited to the sexual act, but in tantra sexual energy means much more. Sexual energy is everywhere First of all it is worth to realize that sexual energy is everywhere, in tantra it is understood as vital energy - thanks to it we live, move and function. A gust (...) this is a manifestation of sexual energy. Do we see in these phenomena something sexual? In tantra , sexuality means life, a continuous movement of energy. Sexual energy means life. In the case when (...) located at the bottom of the spine. It is the same energy used in Kundalini Yoga, however  tantra has a different approach to the body, as it is not based on a masculine approach aimed (...) only by a person who is competent, seized power in his/her own body and practices tantra every day. Read also about how to distinguish a professional from a hustler and how does (...)
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Tantra – the quickest way to a full awakening

(...) two different approaches in Buddhism about how to realize its greatest potential.   Buddhism, Sutras, pleasure and  Tantra According to the expert of Buddhism Myrdhin Reynolds Vajranatha all the teachings and practices of (...) of transformation of mud into gold The Tantric approach is reversed, and the contents of the Tantra s is radically different from the Sutras content. Tantric yogi practices already as a Deity in (...) able to recognize it. This is the tantric approach. Lama Thubten Yeshe   The fastest way to enlightenment Tantra is known as the fastest path to enlightenment, which involves the transformation of all our (...) so instead of doing like adept practitioners of sutras which steer clear of poisons of the mind, tantra practitioners look for the source of desire and immerse in the experience, so that using (...) in what we choose. However the above text explains the controversial approach to pleasure and shows why tantra energy of desire is necessary. It should be remembered that it is not pleasure the source of (...)
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Tantric energy tested by science
Our teacher supervised by scientists

(...) Somananda's official website and the description was written by our teacher Liisa Maimon - Meditation, Yoga and Tantra teacher of Somananda.org How Did It Come to Be? In the beginning of 2015 Somananda was approached (...) full-body energy orgasms, it was a novel and exciting experience. Is it possible to measure Tantra using scientific methods of data collection, and what would such tests show? Test #1: The Heat (...)
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How did Tantra become our life path?

(...) skeptical at first, but curiosity has led us to further look. We found information about Tantra and about the spiritual path. It ideally complements our current development and knowledge. We had (...) to learn seeking knowledge in the ancient tantric texts and participating in various courses of tantra, sexuality and tantric massage from different masters.   Dlaczego Tantra stała się naszą ścieżką życiową? Sekret Ok 8 lat temu otrzymaliśmy książkę Sekret by Rhonda Byrne w (...)
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