Gift to the inner child

Inner child - returning to natural joy and pleasure in life

Croissant and a feeling of happiness

I woke up at 9 am, sat down at the table, ate a croissant with raspberries, drank a very good coffee, had an interesting, though stormy conversation with my loved ones and felt - how much I love to celebrate life. Of course, a moment later I thought, "What are you so happy about?" - two days ago you turned 30 - look at your account, at the balance of personal assets and liabilities, and maybe at your marital status 😀 But I have already gotten used to the fact that my Inner Child goes hand in hand with my Inner Critic. Indeed, these two holidays - Birthday and Children's Day - made me reflect on the state of satisfaction with life and the feeling of happiness. This is a topic that is so relevant in my life, because over the last six months I have experienced very difficult moments - I did not expect that in life you can feel such a permanent state of meaninglessness, emptiness, constant sadness, and depression. That's why I am so happy that I feel much better now, despite the fact that the objective life circumstances are still not very favorable. I have revived.

Of course, each of us is different - we have different missions and goals of the soul, we came into this world to complement ourselves with different experiences and emotions, we have our karma to repay. However, I deeply believe that our nature is joyful, free, ecstatic, that we desire to experience bliss and live on high energetic vibrations. From my observations, some have easy access to these states while others have to help themselves through deep energetic work. We carry many burdens that block full enjoyment of life. However, I will not delve deeper into this topic now, although it is incredibly fascinating and important.

Living in the here and now - the inner child

We are born open to experiences, adventures, play, and hungry for life. As children, we are spontaneous, we don't know shame, we want to explore, meet people and the world. It is a great pity that we live in a society that very quickly kills our curiosity and creativity. We are subjected to many restrictions, and the process of socialization and the imposition of limiting beliefs and patterns begins very quickly.

  • Are you authentic?
  • Do you fully express yourself?
  • Do you express your emotions and feelings?
  • Do you connect with your sensitivity?
  • Do you allow yourself to be spontaneous and joyful?
  • Can you be carefree?
  • Do you trust life?
  • Do you know how to enjoy your body, your sexuality?
  • Do you spoil yourself? Do you feed your senses?
  • Do you allow yourself to pursue crazy ideas, dreams?
  • What is your connection with nature like?
  • Or maybe you're very serious and so serious, because after all, you're an adult and play and joy are so immature? Hmm?

Regaining Lost Connection

And perhaps you long for all of this that I write about, and you want to reappreciate and love the child within you again, embrace the power flowing from it?

I know with all my being that tantric massage is incredibly helpful in this process, especially if you bring the intention to connect with the natural emotions and states of the child to the session. The method is effective in that the process occurs on an energetic level and can be done effortlessly. And the massage itself is incredibly enjoyable and indulges all the senses.




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Paula Natalia Sergio

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