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Gift to the inner child

(...) within you again, embrace the power flowing from it? I know with all my being that tantric massage is incredibly helpful in this process, especially if you bring the intention to connect with (...) that the process occurs on an energetic level and can be done effortlessly. And the massage itself is incredibly enjoyable and indulges all the senses. Namaste, Paula   Feel the magic of your life again and give yourself the natural joy of a child. How to order a tantric massage at the Anahata Tantra Temple? We invite you warmly. Please fill in a short form on our website: https://www.anahatatantra.com/book-a-tantric-massage/ We will contact you to schedule a specific massage date. Namaste Paula Natalia Sergio
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Promotional Spring Package – wake up your life!

Wake up your life in Spring! Tantric massage - spring renewal of body and spirit Spring is a perfect time for the renewal of (...) and emotional needs of your body and mind: We offer you a Spring Package - three tantric massages - each lasting 1.5 hours at a promotional price of 900 PLN (you will save 150 zł). Awaken your life force! Give yourself bliss and joy! Tantric massage thanks to exceptionally sensual touch stimulates sexual energy in order to use it as a (...) and awakening of the body, heart and mind If you desire to know more about what tantric massage is, we invite you to read the article: Tantric massage - what is it about, how is it performed? Description of tantric massage. Why is it worth to wake up the layers of sexual energy through tantric massage ? Read the article: Sexual Energy in Tantra - What is Sexual Energy?   How to order (...) the "select service" box, pick: Spring Package. The packege package in advance for the first massage and to be used within one month starting from the date of the first massage. We invite you to ecstatic life! Namaste Paula Natalia Sergio
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Valentine’s day gift ♥ Give a tantric massage to you loved one!

Massage as a Valentine's day gift Valentine's day is around the corner, regardless of whether we celebrate or not (...) and take care of our loved ones. The best gift for Valentine's Day is, of course, massage  - and tantric massage is even better :) The tantric massage we offer is a unique practice, you can read more about tantric massage here: Difference tantric massage and classical masssage, you can read also how to make a tantric massage. Massage as a gift for her, or for your female friend Massage is an unusual and original gift.  A woman needs a particular type of touch to be able to flourish and show her beauty to the world. Tantric massage is indended for this - we turn back our on purity by treating our bodies as temples. Imagine (...)
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Tantric energy tested by science
Our teacher supervised by scientists

In this video our Tantric Massage teacher, Somananda, presents the effects of tantric energy healing under the supervision of Danish scientists and medical professionals. All tests are performed under laboratory (...) results far exceeded expectations; scientists simply could not explain what they saw on their monitors. How does tantric energy, sexual energy works? As we can see from the video below, scientists try to give (...) orgasm without being touched. See also what happens and the scientists'reaction when the TV host (non- tantric man) tries to repeat the same movements Soma did. The following text comes from Somananda's official (...) alternative and non-mainstream practices. For us, while having no doubts about the multi-level healing effects of tantric full-body energy orgasms, it was a novel and exciting experience. Is it possible to measure (...) tests and the results largely speak for themselves. We saw a scientific confirmation that through tantric techniques and tantric massage , as Somananda is doing and teaching it, a trained person can influence the brain (...) of relaxation, sexual arousal and orgasm without even touching. These abilities can be mastered by putting tantric knowledge of energy into practice. This incredible science is available and we teach how to (...)
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Tantric massage vs ordinary classical massage – what’s the difference?

masaż klasyczny
We often get from you questions about what Tantric massage is and what is the difference between an ordinary massage and a tantric massage. Classical massage Let's start with the classical massage - this is only a physical massage of the whole body or just a part of the body without the use of energy circulation in the body. This kind of massage is designed to relax, improve blood circulation, but often people that receive this massage do not feel so good after such a massage, because the person who performed the massage was not mentally present. There is a huge difference when the touch is present and the person giving (...)
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How did Tantra become our life path?

(...) meditation and the secret work, the effects are often quick but not necessarily immediate ....   Tantric Massage In winter, we wanted to receive a good relaxing massage. We searched in google something more about the massage s offered in Poland, how they differ, etc. Finally we found Somananda's video, where he leads (...) or not. We went to Estonia and made the nearly two-week course and experienced the tantric massage techniques on ourselves, and Natalia could feel the effects of massage on her own skin. Seeing it with our own eyes, learning how to move energy and seeing immediate cleansing effects were the biggest motivation to continue to learn seeking knowledge in the ancient tantric texts and participating in various courses of tantra, sexuality and tantric massage from different masters.   Dlaczego Tantra stała się naszą ścieżką życiową? Sekret Ok 8 lat temu otrzymaliśmy książkę Sekret (...)
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