Promotional Spring Package – wake up your life!

Wake up your life in Spring! Tantric massage - spring renewal of body and spirit

Spring is a perfect time for the renewal of body and spirit after a dull, winter, especially in Poland. Although the weather is not yet spoiling us we are slowly starting to wake up from the winter sleep. Our body is now in great need of care, nourishing, comforting, feeding all of our senses. It's the perfect time to give yourself a pleasure and entering a new, sunny, holiday period with energy, vigor and a positive attitude to life.

We have received a very good feedback from you on Valentine's Day Promotions from which many of you have benefited. Therefore we decided to meet not only the physical and emotional needs of your body and mind:

We offer you a Spring Package - three tantric massages - each lasting 1.5 hours at a promotional price of 900 PLN (you will save 150 zł). Awaken your life force!

Give yourself bliss and joy!

Tantric massage thanks to exceptionally sensual touch stimulates sexual energy in order to use it as a fuel for transforming, renewal and awakening of the body, heart and mind

If you desire to know more about what tantric massage is, we invite you to read the article: Tantric massage - what is it about, how is it performed? Description of tantric massage.

Why is it worth to wake up the layers of sexual energy through tantric massage? Read the article: Sexual Energy in Tantra - What is Sexual Energy?


How to order the Spring Package at Anahata Tantra Temple?

Order Spring Package via the form which you can find at: In the "select service" box, pick: Spring Package. The packege package in advance for the first massage and to be used within one month starting from the date of the first massage.

We invite you to ecstatic life!


Paula Natalia Sergio

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