Diffenrece between tantric massage and erotic massage

Many people ask us what is the difference between tantric and erotic massage. So we decided to write this article in order to  Tak więc postanowiliśmy napisać artykuł to dispel any doubts.


Tantric massage and erotic massage - the differences

First of all it is worth to highlight that tantric massage has a completely different goal than erotic massage. We can reach the bliss state, because the massage increases the vibration of the body, unlocks the sexual energy, and cleans the body from blocked energy, unpassed traumas and unexpressed emotions. The goal of erotic massage is to give physical pleasure and in case of men it often concludes with a happy ending. In case of tantric massage we can enter into the bliss state and there is no ejaculation - tantriks knew from thousands of years how precious is ojas lost forever by most of men during their lives, which leads to a decrease of vitality, which means that it will turn to a loss of life forces.


Sexual energy in tantra

Tantric massage awakens sexual energy, which in tantra is understood in a completely different way, since it's considered as vital energy, and it serves a higher purpose - cleansing the body from energy blockages and higher the its vibration - not for pleasure as it is in erotic massage. Sexual energy in tantra has a sacred dimension, it is also something more than what modern society understands as sexual energy. It is life energy, through which we develop our creativity, develop and gain higher and higher mountains. Therefore, during tantric massage we activate and start moving sexual energy, and in this way during its circulation, every cell of our body gets saturated of life and healing commences.


Tantric massage practicioner - qualifications

In addition, since Tantric massage is work with the energy, the person performing the massage must have appropriate qualifications and a lot of practice behind. It is worth checking whether the masseur has diplomas of completed courses, what kind of courses he or she completed. This will make sure that this is true Tantric massage. Erotic massage aims to only please the massaged person and to do it there is not need for any qualifications. Therefore, it is worthwhile to check what kind of massage we are going to book, and whether the person actually has the skills needed to practice this sacred practice.

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