Tantric massage – how to tell if it is a professionist or a hustler?

In the previous article we wrote about the difference between the "true Tantric massage" and the so called "tantric massage", which actually don't have anything in common. Unfortunately, the name Tantric massage is often wrongly used by various salons and spa and where the masseuses there employed do not have the adequate competences. Therefore we decided to dispel any doubts about who really can perform Tantric massage and how to distinguish a professional from the scammers.


True tantric massage website

First of all, it is worthwhile to check the website of the massage salon. If the in salon work multiple masseuses or masseurs, which in addition are young women and/or have photographs where they appear with the hidden face, or there are no photos at all, we know what kind of "tantra" they are dealing with. Usually, in the carreer section of their website there are job announcements for masseuses, where the only requirement is appearance, and there is no mention of any qualifications and skills. What's more, in the description of the so-called "tantric massage" there is emphasis on pleasue, and there is nothing about healing and energy work.

The person giving the tantric massage should have appropriate courses diplomas and should have attended tantric massages workshops and tantra workshops. Usually the masseur/masseuse has skills in working with energy and does spiritual practices such as hatha yoga, meditation, zazen, etc. The website styling  usually recalls the philosophy and the principles of Tantra, and the description of the massage clearly indicates that it is a massage that leads to unblocking the body from accumulated energy blockages and collected traumas. It is a massage whose task is to heal sexuality, to be able to enjoy life in the present moment, without thoughts returning to the past.


Tantric courses dyplomas of completion and other working with energy experiences

It is worth remembering that true Tantric massage mainly consists in working with energy and to be able to perform such work, years of practice is needed not only perform massages, but also work and individual practice such as Hatha yoga and Zazen. That's why it's worth checking the masseuse/masseur for relevant qualifications and whether its experience is related with tantra, yoga or other spiritual practices. The more qualified the person giving the massage, the better will be the effects of each massage session. Because it is an energy work, we suggest to choose a massage therapist that we can trust 100% and which has a so-called "positive" energy. By visiting their website it's worth to look at the picture of the person who performs the tantric massage, often the information that you can feel from the photos are much more helpful than the text.

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