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Tantric massage and healing sessions

tantric massage
Tantric massage Tantric massage is a relaxing, soothing and healing technique of bodywork. It is a very sensual journey to the inner self through sexual energy, (...) and cleansing the individual main chakras and energy channels, therefore the tantric massage has a healing nature. However, the main purpose of massage is to fully open the body to bliss, to (...) love for oneself Improving relationships with loved ones ability to create deep connections with people   Healing sessions A healing session includes conversation, counseling, body work, voice, breathing, work with energy and intuition. A Session is most often held in nudity, touching / massaging various points on the body, where blockages, traumas, injuries and uncontrolled, repressed, unnoticed emotions are collected. Before the healing session, we recommend to come for a tantric massage to wake sexual energy, awaken the hot energy of Kundalini Shakti, and prepare the body for the cleansing process. Duration Session s take from 2h to 3h. Possible work areas: Unleash your sexuality - work with blockages, (...) can make your reservation here: https://www.anahatatantra.com/book-a-tantric-massage/   When to choose a tantric massage and when to choose a healing session ? - The purpose and intention are the most important If your main intention is to (...) to work on blockages in the areas described above, we invite you to receive a healing session.    
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