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Tantric massage and healing sessions

tantric massage
Tantric massage Tantric massage is a relaxing, soothing and healing technique of bodywork. It is a very sensual journey to the inner self through sexual energy, which according to Tantra is sacred and deeply respected. With the tantric massage we endeavor to awaken vital energy (which is sexual energy) in every cell of our body. We move this energy from the lower parts of the body to the upper parts, unlocking the existing energy and cleansing the individual main chakras and energy channels, therefore the tantric massage has a healing nature. However, the main purpose of massage is to fully open the body to bliss, to (...) series of massages, but after the first massage you will notice changes: feeling of sexual energy in the whole body bliss relax calmness opening up to greater passion in life greater (...) love for oneself Improving relationships with loved ones ability to create deep connections with people   Healing sessions A
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