Yoni massage in tantra – what is it?

masaż yoni - masaż waginy

Tantric massage is an art of working with the body, through which we can raise our vibration. Very often people confuse ordinary erotic massage with tantric massage, which is not surprising - many people abuse this name to give erotic massages a new mystical sound. Tantric massage may include intimate area massages (Yoni massage for women, i.e., vaginal massage, or lingam massage for men), but it does not have to.

The mere fact that such a massage can include massaging intimate areas does not make it an erotic massage. Of course, there are companies that offer a massage under the name "tantric massage" that aims to cause a state of physical pleasure in the person being massaged, but our massage is not aimed at physical pleasure. Although physical pleasure may appear!

Yoni massage - What does an intimate area massage for women look like?

Tantric massage

True tantric massage is a complex technique known to few. To safely perform tantric massages and practice vaginal massage, Yoni massage, etc., we believe it is immensely important that the person performing the massage not only knows what tantra is but also is in a trusted line of Traditional Tantra - specifically any line of Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism. This person should have taken Refuge in the Three Jewels through a Lama monk in this lineage, received initiations for both peaceful and wrathful deities, regularly attended teachings and direct meetings with Lamas (only if they are monks, in addition also non-monks) of this lineage, practiced their Sadhanas, and used the spiritual name given by the Lama. For this reason, we don't employ others, as there are very few people interested in working with people through tantric massage and meet such requirements, which in turn affects the quality of the massages and contact with another person.

Tantric massage does not have to include Yoni massage to be a tantric massage. The truth is that the phrase "tantric massage" often brings to mind associations with intimate areas. However, tantric massage can be high-quality and can also have long-term beneficial effects for the person being massaged, even if there is no Yoni massage at all.


Yoni massage, what is it?

The Yoni massage we perform in Warsaw - Poland (we sometimes accept invitations to go abroad to lead workshops) is an energetic massage, in which we use sexual energy as fuel. During the Yoni massage, we cleanse the energy channels in the body, which can lead to very strong healing effects. In tantra, the body is a kind of temple that should be cared for and is our means of transport in this life, through which we can experience transformation and reach a higher level of consciousness. Few people know that our bodies are like hard drives in a computer - they remember all the traumas and emotional blockages that we were unable to express in the past.

Therefore, often we live without knowing how much unnecessary baggage we carry on our shoulders, in our stomach, head, or back. Women, due to the receptive nature of the Yoni, accumulate most of their tensions there. This happens because the Yoni is like a sponge, absorbing all our problems that we are unable to deal with at this stage. The problem is that these emotions do not disappear, so we live with a huge energetic burden without even knowing it.

All these energetic deposits emanate a certain vibration, just as our bodies are made of energy and also have a specific vibration. In this way, we continuously attract certain situations to ourselves. Often repeating patterns, situations, and events.

Have you noticed that you keep meeting the same type of men, getting the same job, employer, constantly encountering similar situations that frustrate you? In addition, blocked energy can cause various types of problems on a physical level. Often women with blocked sexual energy age faster, complain of lack of orgasms, may experience skin problems, depression, and many other diseases. Therefore, it is so important to get rid of unnecessary energies to free the body from old programs and attract new, better situations and people.

How Does Yoni Massage Work?

In this article, we use the term "Yoni massage," but in every practice at Anahata Tantra Temple, Yoni massage has little in common with "massage." Whenever we write about Yoni massage, we mean "Yoni mapping," about which we wrote in the article with the Yoni Mapping description.

  • Relaxes muscles and reduces tension: Yoni massage can help relax muscles in the pelvic and groin area, which can reduce tension and stress in this area. This, in turn, can help release emotions that were blocked by muscle tension. Having comprehensive spiritual knowledge, temple arts, completed a course in urogynecological physiotherapy, a degree in psychology with the highest grade, being a certified registered psychotraumatologist, and a medical technician profession in massage, we can more safely take care of both the physical, medical, and psychological aspects of the entire process of relaxing the pelvic floor muscles by focusing on the pelvis and Yoni.
  • Increases blood flow and improves circulation: Yoni massage increases blood flow in the pelvic area, which can help in better oxygenation of tissues and removal of toxins. Improved circulation can also help release suppressed emotions by increasing the flow of energy in the body.
  • Impact on the G-Spot innervation: Despite the lack of frictional movement, which can lead to significant physical pleasure, during Yoni massage, or rather, during Yoni mapping, the G-spot may be pressed, which is considered a sexual center in both men and women. Neuro-pathwaying this area can lead to the release of hormones and neurotransmitters that affect mood and emotions. At the same time, the nervous system in the case of the G-spot and other points in the Yoni area can be hypersensitive in some places and may unnecessarily activate nociceptors, pain transmitters, causing painful sensations or discomfort due to experienced trauma and without any local inflammation that could justify the feeling of pain on light pressure. Neuro-pathwaying sends appropriate chemical-physical impulses to the brain, which, through the innervation of surrounding areas, "understands" that there is no inflammation, and that the pressure is gentle enough not to require pain sensation - so the nervous system will regulate itself, and the feeling of discomfort during Yoni massage will gradually disappear.
    A similar process occurs in points where sensitivity is too low, like a lack of sensation, which are also not uncommon in the Yoni. In this case, the nervous system also starts chemical-physical communication with the given area due to the pressures and slowly builds new neuronal connections. In other words, information about sensation starts to flow slowly (it's not a quick process unless the reason is energetic or psychological blockages) through other pathways.
  • Yoni massage promotes relaxation and calming: Yoni massage, like many other relaxation techniques, can help reduce stress and tension levels. This can help better focus on one's emotions and allow for their release. It is important to add that Yoni massage should not be received alone, without a comprehensive true tantric massage.
  • Yoni Massage with mapping positively influences the social aspect of an individual, as well as the regulation of internal organs, e.g., stomach, proton pump, etc. The Yoni, more precisely the vagina, is connected to the vagus nerve through a network of nerves called the hypogastric plexus. This plexus is located in the pelvic area and contains many nerves that control many functions of the pelvic organs, including the vagina. The vagus nerve is crucial for controlling the functions of the vagina and other pelvic organs, as it controls smooth muscles and the function of the autonomic system, including arteries, the digestive system, and the respiratory system. The vagina and uterus are richly innervated, allowing for various sexual sensations and muscle control during sexual intercourse.

Disorders in the connections between the vagina and the vagus nerve, or dysfunctions in regulating the vagus nerve, can lead to various vaginal problems, such as pain during sexual intercourse or sensory disturbances. It is important to take care of the health of the pelvic organs and seek help from a doctor or specialist if necessary to address problems related to the vagina and pelvic nerves.

However, it's important to remember that every body is different and reacts to Yoni mapping in its own way. Some people may experience immediate emotional release, while others may need more time and patience. It is important to perform vaginal massage only with a qualified therapist who knows the technique and can provide a safe and appropriate experience.

Yoni Massage - Vaginal Massage

mapping yoniWhat does the massage for women look like? We have already done hundreds of tantric massages and from our experience, it turns out that the Yoni holds the most blocked energy. We gained knowledge from many courses and learned techniques from masters not only in Poland but also from India and Europe. An Ayurvedic doctor from India shared with us knowledge about the secret Marma points (energy points where energy accumulates) located in the Yoni. These points are not commonly known even in India, and the knowledge is meticulously passed from master to student. The purpose of tantric Yoni massage is to release blocked energy through the previously mentioned Marma points. During the vaginal massage, various emotions can arise, leading to a deep release of old experiences. It is a huge relief for the body, as it is much harder to block the flow of energy than to allow it to flow freely. It's like trying to stop the flow of a river with our own body. We lose a lot of energy maintaining the status quo, when it is much easier and more pleasant to flow with the wave.

The vagina and its G-Spot - The female prostate

Okładka książki Histological Terminology

According to both Taoist and (neo)Tantric knowledge, very important energy points are also located in the area of the G-Spot, which can be utilized in vaginal massage. The G-Spot is officially known in conventional medicine as the female prostate.

Reinier de Graaf prepared the first scientific reports on the female prostate in 1672. Dr. Milan Zaviacic, a professor of pathology and forensic medicine, dedicated 25 years of work to prove the similarity/identity of male and female prostates. To prove this over those years, he conducted morphological, histochemical, forensic-medical, sexological, gynecological, urological, chronobiological, and pathological studies.

The organ is primarily important in terms of women's sexual pleasure: prostate tissue is a new erogenous zone for women. It participates in the phenomenon of female ejaculation, in which the woman's prostate is indirectly stimulated.

Dr. Milan Zaviacic

For over 300 years, scientists denied the existence of the female prostate, but it was only in October 2018 that FICAT - Federative International Committee on Anatomical Terminology added the term "female prostate" to the book "Histological Terminology."

For more than 8,000 years, the vagina, body, orgasms, and health have been observed and studied. Taoism and Tantra have dealt with this. The female prostate has been known for many years, but only now is it accepted in Western medicine. This is similar to multi-orgasms and orgasms of different parts of the body.

How many Yoni massage sessions are needed?

The number of sessions required depends on how much we hold in our Yoni. It could be from one to even several dozen sessions. However, this is a necessary process if we want to live fully in the present moment. Each blocked energy causes us to remain in the past, experiencing it over and over again. Time and again, we encounter the same person who hurts us again, or the same unfortunate situation.

The temple ritual of Yoni massage can help many women not only regain the joy of life, release emotions, but also the vaginal massage helps heal the body and open our Yoni to a new dimension of even greater orgasmic pleasure that you may have never dreamed of before.

Intimate area massage - Yoni massage or Lingam massage can be part of the massages Sensory Awakening, Kama Marma, and Fiery Serpent.

In the case of vaginismus, we suggest getting familiar with the Vaginismus Treatment Program.

Yoni massages are performed in Warsaw.

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