Yoni massage in tantra – what is it?

masaż yoni - masaż waginy

Tantric massage is a temple art of healing the body and increases our vibration. Very often people confuse ordinary erotic massage and tantric massage, and that is not surprising at all - many institutions abuse the name so that erotic massage will have a new name - tantric massage - which sounds more mystical.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage is a complicated technique, which is know by few. It consists in an energetic massage, in which we use the sexual energy as a fuel. During the massage we cleanse the energy channels in the body, what can lead to strong healing effects. In Tantra the body is considered as a kind of temple we should care about it, and it is considered also as a means of transport in this life, thanks to which we can experience transformation and we can go to a higher level of consciousness. Few people know that our bodies are like computer hard drives - they record all the traumas and emotional blockages, that we couldn't express in the past. So we can state that very often we live not knowing about how much unnecessary baggage we carry on shoulders, on our stomach, head or back. Because of the taking nature of yoni, women have the most blockages there in the yoni area. This happens because yoni is like a sponge, it absorbs all our problems we couldn't well manage at that particular point in our lives. The problem is that the emotions don't disappear, even if we tend to think so. We live with a very heavy energetic burden and we usually don't even know about it. All energetic points (deposits of energy) emanate a certain vibration like our bodies which are also made of energy and also emanate a particular vibration. In this way we keep attracting to us certain situations.
Did you notice that you keep meeting the same kind of men, that you keep finding the same kind of job, employer, or that similar frustrating situation keep happening to you? It's also worth to mention that blocked energy can induce to different kinds of problems in the body. Very often we see that women with blocked sexual energy age faster, complain they don't have orgasms, they have skin problems, depression and many other diseases. That's why it's important to get rid of unnecessary energies, in order to release the body from old programs, thus attracting better people and more pleasant situations and circumstances.


Yoni massage

We did hundreds of tantric massages, and our experience shows that it is yoni to have the most blocked energy. We attended many courses and we learned techniques from the masters and spiritual teachers not only from Poland, but from India, Europe, etc. Whereby the master from India shared with us the knowledge about the secret marma points (energetic points in the body where energy accumulates) that are located in the yoni. These points are unknown also in India, and the knowledge about them is transferred from master to disciple.
Yoni tantric massage has the purpose to free the locked energy with the help of the aforementioned marma points. During this massage, the person that receives it can have different kind of feelings: it can be pleasant, but there can also show up certain other emotions, happens a deep release of old experiences. It is a huge relief for the body because it is much harder to block the flow of energy than to let it flow slowly. It's like the stream of a river that we are trying to stop with our own body. We lose a lot of energy to maintain the status quo when it's a lot easier and more pleasant to ride the wave.

Depending on how many things we hold in our yoni it may be helpful to receive from one to tens of session. However, it is a necessary process if we want to live the full potential of life at the present moment; each blocked energy causes that remain in the past reliving the past again and again. Time after time we come to the same person who hurt us again, or for the same unfortunate situation.

The templar yoni massage ritual can help many women to not only regain the joy of life, unlock emotions, but also helps to heal the body and open our yoni on a new dimension of even more orgasmic pleasure, which had never even dreamed of.

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