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Yoni mapping therapy – what is it?

Yoni mapping - mapowanie oni - flower-kwiat
(...) universe. It is a truly sacred space. It is worth knowing what yoni mapping is. Intimate areas deserve full respect, but do women give their Yoni the attention it deserves? What is (...) sexuality are associated with something bad for you.You are sad, depressed (read about how such massage helps in the treatment of depression), lack vitality and life energy.You want to experience joy (...) practice, we never perform a separate yoni mapping. Sexual disarming is always combined with tantric massage of the whole body. Only then will we achieve the best results. In the case of tantric massage, the woman must clearly express her desire for yoni mapping. Kama Marma tantric massage includes yoni mapping, but we do not recommend this massage for the first meeting. What does yoni disarming look like? It is primarily working with the pelvis (...) every body reacts differently, and every body has a different capacity for emotions. Before the yoni massage, we perform a full body massage . This activates the energy channels and allows energy to flow freely through them. The (...) Sushumna channel, through which energy is unblocked in the pelvic and yoni areas. During the yoni massage, the most important thing is to connect the energy of the yoni with the heart. We always ensure that such a connection is established. The yoni massage involves stretching, stroking, and pressing movements. It covers the external part of the yoni, the (...)
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Yoni massage in tantra – what is it?

masaż yoni - masaż waginy
Tantric massage is a temple art of healing the body and increases our vibration. Very often people confuse ordinary erotic massage and tantric massage, and that is not surprising at all - many institutions abuse the name so that erotic massage will have a new name - tantric massage - which sounds more mystical. Tantric massage Tantric massage is a complicated technique, which is know by few. It consists in an energetic massage, in which we use the sexual energy as a fuel. During the massage we cleanse the energy channels in the body, what can lead to strong healing effects. (...) release the body from old programs, thus attracting better people and more pleasant situations and circumstances.   Yoni massage We did hundreds of tantric
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