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Vaginismus, what is it, symptoms, treatment methods, therapy

Ból - pochwica - opis
(...) to complete recovery. Pochwica pierwotna By definition, vaginismus is a disorder characterized by involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles and part of the pelvic floor muscles (PFM). It can be persistent or recurring. It affects the muscles surrounding the outer third of the vagina (perineal muscle, levator ani muscle), adductor muscles of the thighs, abdominal rectus muscles, and gluteal (...) vaginismus occurs in conjunction with organic causes such as endometriosis, recurring inflammatory states of the vagina and vulva, mucous membrane atrophy resulting from a decrease in sex hormone levels (hypoestrogenism), and (...) penetration. Injuries that occurred during childbirth are also considered a cause of secondary vaginismus. These include vagina l tears, ruptures, improper suturing, effects of forceps, vacuum delivery, or consequences of applying the (...) symptoms of vaginismus include pain, reflexive spasm of the muscles at the entrance to the vagina and the muscles of the pelvic floor in a defensive manner, squeezing of the thighs, (...) It can be divided based on: pain location: superficial - pain in the vestibule of the vagina,deep - pain in the vault of the vagina, generalized - pain covering the entire vagina ; chronology: primary - occurring from the beginning of sexual intercourse,secondary - occurring due to (...) frequency of sexual intercourse due to the high rate of emotional stress that occurs during vagina l penetration. As mentioned above, the feeling of anxiety also arises in relation to gynecological (...) significant group of drugs for vaginismus are also drugs that relax the muscles surrounding the vagina or pelvic muscles or drugs reducing tension. Psychotherapy and vaginismus Psychotherapy is a component of treatment that (...)
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Yoni mapping therapy – what is it?

Yoni mapping - mapowanie oni - flower-kwiat
(...) you if... You don't feel satisfaction from your sex life. You only achieve clitoral orgasms, don't have vagina l orgasms during intercourse, or don't experience orgasms at all. You feel discomfort during sexual intercourse (...) sexuality are associated with something bad for you. You are sad, depressed (read about how such massage helps in the treatment of depression), lack vitality and life energy. You want to experience joy (...) practice, we never perform a separate yoni mapping. Sexual disarming is always combined with tantric massage of the whole body. Only then will we achieve the best results. In the case of tantric massage, the woman must clearly express her desire for yoni mapping. Kama Marma tantric massage includes yoni mapping, but we do not recommend this massage for the first meeting. What does yoni disarming look like? It is primarily working with the pelvis (...) every body reacts differently, and every body has a different capacity for emotions. Before the yoni massage, we perform a full body massage . This activates the energy channels and allows energy to flow freely through them. The (...) Sushumna channel, through which energy is unblocked in the pelvic and yoni areas. During the yoni massage, the most important thing is to connect the energy of the yoni with the heart. We always ensure that such a connection is established. The yoni massage involves stretching, stroking, and pressing movements. It covers the external part of the yoni, the (...)
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Yoni massage in tantra – what is it?

masaż yoni - masaż waginy
Tantric massage is an art of working with the body, through which we can raise our vibration. Very often people confuse ordinary erotic massage with tantric massage, which is not surprising - many people abuse this name to give erotic massages a new mystical sound. Tantric massage may include intimate area massages (Yoni massage for women, i.e., vaginal massage, or lingam massage for men), but it does not have to. The mere fact that such a
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