How to reach an orgasm? Having troubles reaching an orgasm?
[for women]

Often women of all ages come to us and we realize that they have something in common: they have troubles reaching an orgasm. Some women that come to us have orgasm, but rarely. Other women never had an orgasm in their entire lives. The situation is as follows:

  • Most women have hard time in reaching an orgasm
    • A part of women rarely have an orgasm with men, usually few times a year
    • A part of women reaches an orgasm with self stimulation - hardly nevertheless
  • A big part of ladies never had an orgasm in their lives, or they are unsure whether they ever had one or now (it means they never had one)
  • A small part of women, not only never had an orgasm before, but their bodies, and especially genitals do not feel anything while stimulated - no good feeling, or no feeling whatsoever.

Why women do not have orgasms?

Nowadays, factors such as stress, negative attitude towards our bodies and our sexuality, as well as also various kind of mental and energy blockages, directly contribute to creating problems in women, and reaching orgasm is an example. As we mentioned above, often come to us women who had never experienced an orgasm, some also go to the doctors and medicine specialists and, unfortunately, they admit that modern medicine produces very little results.

Of course, the problem can be treated in a conventional way by a doctor, and we even recommend this kind of treatment because medicine is very helpful in treating a variety of physical disorders in the body.

There are also other methods that can help you achieve an orgasm. For example Tantric massage, and due to the fact that it is an unconventional work with the body, and we urge suggest you speak with your doctor whether your health status allows you to have a tantric massage or whether in your case there are some health contraindications.

We practice Tantra and we saw with our eyes how women that never had an orgasm in their lives, what's more they never felt any kind of pleasure when touched or stimulated, regained sensing and feeling in tantric massage session. Of course if somebody never had an orgasm for 30 years, there are really low chances that one massage session can resolve all the problems, however it is sure that Tantra can solve your problem together with systematic work on yourself. For lack of orgasm is nothing but an energy blockage in the body, which arises from bad experiences, dramatic events in the past, traumas and everything that we learned and that was instilled in childhood such as negative beliefs about sexuality. The reasons can be many and we usually do not analyze the root cause. Tantric massage consists in the fact that with the help of sexual energy we clear all blockages, which will appear on its way. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the human body, from it we rise and it is the main driving force of life. During a massage session this energy works like brush, which cleans the system from all unnecessary elements, and after the massage session we feel a lot better, and often we feel that we got rid of a lot of luggage we were carrying on our back.

In tantric massage courses what we experienced and saw with our own eyes is really amazing and it has become for us a great motivation that drives us to help people through the knowledge and experience we gained. We are motivated also because we experienced on ourselves that it actually works and with intensive attitude it can bring amazing results. This is not just theory, but above all tangible evidence, for example we have seen women who never felt anything in their lives and began to feel something and were approaching an orgasm just after few days of tantric massage, meditations and yoga practice. Also we saw girls of all ages, for which orgasm was a rare event and has become a common experience during masturbation or together with their partners.

Massage is to finally spit out all the unexpressed emotions and clean up ourselves. Lack of orgasm is a sign that somewhere something is blocking the free flow of energy in the body. Through systematic work with the body, meditation, yoga classes and tantric massages, we can help clean up the energy channels, and first of all get rid of the blockages that inhibit us from living a happy life at the present moment.


Suppressed emotions

In Tantra we talk about sacred sexuality and about the fact that our bodies are designed to pleasure and delight. In the body, we have many energy channels (called in Sanskrit Nadī) through which the energy in perfect condition moves freely, but we live in a world where there is stress, which promotes the storing of various unnecessary emotions in the body. The energy is blocked primarily by the fact that we are not currently able to fully express our emotions. Conditions that we have at work do not help the expression of our emotions, nor the requirements and rules that exist in society. Most often when something happens, the situation is concealed and the emotions remain unexpressed. In this way over time we have stacked in ourselves more and more unnecessary emotional baggage.

Each of us carries within his/her body a lot of unexpressed emotions and even often we do not even suspect that that whole emotional mish-mash, it can be energy blocked, which the massage can remove. It is also worth mentioning that tantric massage is primarily work with oneself, the massager is just a supporter during the session, of course he/her feels the energy flow to and from and in the client and is therefore able to help him/her, but the practitioner does not interfere with the processes of release, during the massage session there is no pression whatsoever to force energies to unblock. Each session is done in moderation and a great sense, the lady that receives the massage frees herself during each session as much as she is able to release. Therefore each session, without exception, is successful.



How to reach an orgasm?

There are also special exercises and techniques that together with tantric massage support the return to normal sensation, feelings, and support the achievement of orgasms. All of these techniques have been disclosed to us in the numerous courses, in which we have participated, and unfortunately for obvious reasons we can not disclose all knowledge on this website. It is also important to follow the Ayurvedic diet that cleanses the body and balances the doshas, allowing stabilize and calm our mind as well as yoni massage.

Tantric massage combined with other techniques we mentioned, is one of the best practices to get to know not only your body, but also help it to break free from blockages, come back to life here and now and enjoy beautiful orgasms. And when orgasms become part of your intimate life thanks to Tantra, you probably will have the motivation to take the next steps, in accordance with the teachings of tantric and with elements of Taoism you can achieve whole body orgasms (not local and superficial as almost all population is used to), thus also be able to become a multiorgasmic woman.



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