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Anorgasmia – Lack of orgasm in women and men

Anorgasmia, lack of orgasm in women
Anorgasmia is a sexual disorder that prevents full satisfaction from sexual intercourse or makes it difficult to achieve orgasm - lack of orgasm - both during intimacy with a partner and individually. This problem affects both women - lack of orgasm in women - and men and can depend on many different factors. Regardless of the cause of the problem, it leads to frustration and many other, sometimes serious, complications. So, how to recognize or diagnoze anorgasmia? What criteria should be met to classify one's problems in achieving pleasure as a disorder? And also, how to cope when we are sure that this problem concerns us?" Spis treści: Czym jest anorgazmia? Czym jest orgazm? Anorgazmia (...)
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How to reach an orgasm? Having troubles reaching an orgasm?
[for women]

Often women of all ages come to us and we realize that they have something in common: they have troubles reaching an orgasm. Some women that come to us have orgasm, but rarely. Other women never had an orgasm in their entire lives. The situation is as follows: Most women have hard time in reaching an orgasm A part of women rarely have an orgasm with men, usually few times a year A part of women reaches an orgasm with self stimulation - hardly nevertheless A big part of ladies never had an orgasm in their lives, or they are unsure whether they ever had one or now (it means they never had one) A small part of women, not only never had an orgasm before, but their bodies, and especially genitals do not feel anything while stimulated - no (...)
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