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What is a tantra massage? How to make a tantric massage?

Tantric massage? What is it? Description of the massage So, what is a tantric massage? Is it an erotic massage? Does it include yoni massage or lingam massage? What does a tantric massage involve? In today's busy world, we are so preoccupied, tired, and (...) on themselves even a little, developing mentally and spiritually - have probably heard about th is more than once, but have they ever truly felt what it means to be in the here and now? To feel means to be in contact with one's body, with one's senses, from which most of us are unfortunately disconnected. How often do you nouris h your senses as well as in daily life and sex life? When was the (...) the touch...? When was the last time you felt joy, euphoria, wonder, desire, arousal, bl iss, emotion? While pondering what an authentic tantra massage involves, it's important to remember that it
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