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Fire Snake Tantra Massage – what is it?

Fire snake massage - tantra massage
Ritual of the Fire Snake - tantra massage with flames In our offer of tantric massages, we have also Tantric Massage of the Fire Snake (Fire Snake tantra Massage or Snake Massage). The name is quite mysterious and complicated, which is why we decided to write a few words of explanation concerning this practice of working with the body. The Tantric Massage of the Fire Snake is a temple practice, a massage strongly associated with temple arts from the matriarchate era. This is quite advanced work wit h the body and requires a lot of practice from a person doing such a (...) fire in the receiving person if we do not have the activated fire in ourselves.   What is the purpose of the Fire Snake Tantra Massage? Kundalini Shakti awakening First of all, this practice (...) charge every cell in the body. Most of the people think about the fire qu ite clear-cut, the tantra inv
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What is a tantra massage? How to make a tantric massage?

Tantric massage? What is it? Description of the massage So, what is a tantric massage? Is it an erotic massage? Does it include yoni massage or lingam massage? What does a tantric massage involve ? In today's busy world, we are so preoccupied, tired, and stressed, chasing after a (...) here and now, in the present moment. People who work on themselves even a l ittle, developing mentally and spiritually - have probably heard about this more than once, but have they ever truly felt what it means to be in the here and now? To feel means to be in contact with one's body, w
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