Fire Snake Tantra Massage – what is it?

Fire snake massage - tantra massage

Ritual of the Fire Snake - tantra massage with flames

In our offer of tantric massages, we have also Tantric Massage of the Fire Snake (Fire Snake tantra Massage or Snake Massage). The name is quite mysterious and complicated, which is why we decided to write a few words of explanation concerning this practice of working with the body.

The Tantric Massage of the Fire Snake is a temple practice, a massage strongly associated with temple arts from the matriarchate era. This is quite advanced work with the body and requires a lot of practice from a person doing such a massage. Most of all, we cannot awaken the fire in the receiving person if we do not have the activated fire in ourselves.


What is the purpose of the Fire Snake Tantra Massage?

Kundalini Shakti awakening

First of all, this practice is all about awakening the fire and energy of Kundalini Shakti in the body. This is not about desire, but something more - Kundalini Shakti in the body is felt as endless hot energy that will vibrate and charge every cell in the body. Most of the people think about the fire quite clear-cut, the tantra invites you to broaden the perspective.

The evolutionary energy of Kundalini Shakti can be awakened by a person who also already has this energy active. Therefore, we often repeat that a real tantric massage is an art and not every person is able to do a good session.


Purgation from negative emotions

Fire burns the blocks out in the body and cleanses - the Fire Snake massage is a strong purgation of not only the body, but also blocked emotions and the energy body, the so-called aura. If you are in a state of constant readiness and tension and you cannot relax - snake massage is able to burn out all the stress and tension accumulated in the body through the fire.


Unblocking sexual energy

The next purpose of the Tantric Fire Snake Tantra Massage is to unblock sexual energy from the lower chakras - the so-called energy centres. It is extremely important to regain vitality and get rid of heavy energy that is so often encountered in Poland. There are special Tao techniques in the lingama massage and a special marma points massage for yoni unblocking for women.


Tantric Massage of the Fire Snake - lingama massage

This tantric massage also contains a separate lingam massage. There is no stimulation here, special Tao techniques are used to unblock the sexual energy. The special points at the lingam are oppressed so that we release tensions from these places. After the massage, we usually feel a huge relief.

There is also no ejaculation here, because it is not about discharging, but about accumulating energy in the body. The vital energy serves us in everyday functioning and is an extremely important limited resource.


Tantric Massage of the Fire Snake – yoni massage

Separate yoni massage is extremely important for women who feel sexually blocked, but also feel trapped in their own body. Snake yoni massage is not about stimulation, we do not strive for a local orgasm. It is more about letting go of various emotions, wounds and traumas that have been collected over the years. Thanks to yoni unblocking, we feel lighter and open ourselves to more pleasure in sex, but also to greater ecstasy perceptible in everyday life. In a word, tantric yoni massage also influences how we feel each day.


Why we recommend this massage to advanced people?

In order to achieve amazing results in the work with the body, as in any occupation, a lot of practice is needed. When the body is cleansed, and the energy channels are open, then we can absorb energy, but also circulate our own resources.

This massage is more about your own fire and the ability to manage fire, to have a continuous circulation of energy within ourselves. Thanks to this, we will have resources to create and manifest our own lives.

Therefore, only people who have already done some longer work with the body and have unblocked sexual energy are able to feel the effects of the massage much more, but also the effects of the session are much stronger. Due to the fact that snake massage is a very fiery massage, the intention is also able to manifest faster because we put in a lot of our energy.


What does the Fire Snake massage technique look like? Do you have to prepare yourself?

You do not need to have special massage preparation. We are working with real professionals who, in addition to the exact introduction of the person receiving the massage at the beginning, will also make sure that the session is successful.

Of course, the effects of massage are much better if you've already done work with the body - it's not about ordinary relaxation massages, only more about advanced Lowen therapy, or disarming the body. On the other hand, people often come to us who have never been interested in tantra and already have very open energy channels, everything also depends on the amount of accumulation built up in the body, the amount of stress, but also on other factors such as at least karmic accumulations (if someone believes in karma).


What does the Fire Snake tantra massage look like?

This is a fairly intense massage, if someone has a very open body, he can feel a lot of energy.  The Fire Snake Tantra Massage contains a full body massage, including yoni and lingama massage. We use organic coconut oil, and the massage takes place on the floor on a special mattress.

While in other massage styles we use the Shiva masculine energy, here we work mainly with fiery Shakti multiorgasmic energy.

In a fire massage, we want to burn any energy accumulations in the body that do not serve us, but also to increase our energy waves and move on to so-called high vibrations.

In the state of high vibrations, we usually feel great, positive, we have a lot of energy to live and everything goes lightly. We want to maintain this state and integrate it with our everyday life. This is the purpose and effect of our tantric Fire Snake massage.

Please, do not hesitate to check out our massage Kama Marma.

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