What is worth knowing before a tantric massage? List of articles

Before signing up for a massage or before your visit, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the articles listed below. They will help you get to know what we do and also prepare you in terms of knowledge for the massage.

You must acquaint yourself with the "FAQ" tab, which is located on our website. There you will find the most frequently asked questions. Below is the link to it:


  1. „Tantric massage – description – what is and how is it done?”

Link: https://www.anahatatantra.com/tantric-massage-description-what-is-how-done/

Here, we discuss what tantric massage is, when it originated, what it involves, as well as the effects that can be achieved after one or several sessions. It also mentions what this type of massage opens the recipients up to. There is also an explanation of what the cleansing process during the massage entails, and how this type of massage is performed.

  1. „Tantric massage vs ordinary classical massage – what’s the difference?”

Link: https://www.anahatatantra.com/tantric-massage-vs-ordinary-classical-massage-whats-the-difference/

As the name suggests, this article discusses the differences between tantric massage and classic massage. We explain what classic massage involves and what it focuses on. But what does tantric massage focus on? You will also find the answer to this question here, allowing you to immediately notice the difference between the two types of massage. We will also explain why we need energy circulation in the body and what role it plays.

  1. „Diffenrece between tantric massage and erotic massage”

Link: https://www.anahatatantra.com/diffenrece-tantric-massage-erotic-massage/

Unfortunately, tantric massage is often confused with erotic massage. This is influenced by individuals who provide erotic massages using the name "tantric massage" as a cover. In reality, their massage has nothing to do with the sacred art that we practice, which is a misunderstanding of the purpose. Therefore, it is also worth reading this article to understand the difference between the two types of massage and to learn about their goals. The article also mentions masculine and feminine energy, as well as the qualifications that a person should have to perform tantric massage. Additionally, this article provides tips on how to choose the right person to perform such a massage.

  1. „Tantric massage and healing sessions”

Link: https://www.anahatatantra.com/tantric-massage-and-healing-sessions/

Given that tantric massage also has a healing aspect, though it is not its main purpose, healing sessions are also offered in our services. This article lists possible effects that may occur after a tantric massage. Of course, it also explains what a healing session entails, how long it lasts, the possible areas of work, and what should be done before such a session - which is the main focus of this article.

  1. „True tantric massage for couples”

Link: https://www.anahatatantra.com/true-tantric-massage-couples/

As part of our practices, we also offer tantric massage for couples. It is worth familiarizing yourself with this article before such a massage. There you will find information on why it is worth choosing such a massage, the effects after it, and how it can impact the relationship of the couple. This massage is performed by both a woman and a man.

  1. „Purpose of tantric massage – state of bliss. What is it?”

Link: https://www.anahatatantra.com/purpose-tantric-massage-state-bliss/

The main goal of tantric massage is to bring our body into a state of bliss, but what is this state of bliss and what can we experience through it? The text talks about energetic orgasms and their impact on us. There is also mention of the healing effects of the state of bliss and when this state appears.

  1. „Tantric massage – how to tell if it is a professional or a hustler?”

Link: https://www.anahatatantra.com/tantric-massage-tell-professionist-hustler/

As mentioned earlier, there is some information about performing erotic massage under the guise of tantric massage. Also, some SPA salons offer this type of massage in their services, but in reality, it deviates from the true tantric massage. This article was created to warn against fraudsters who use this name only to make money dishonestly without any knowledge of true tantra, without many years of spiritual practice, and without working on themselves. Here is an explanation of how you can distinguish a person who professionally deals with tantric massages and has an honest goal of helping through massage, from a person who uses this name just to make money through a different type of service. Information is provided on what to pay attention to and how to proceed to avoid falling into the hands of a swindler.


At the very beginning, we mentioned the "FAQ" section, which is worth visiting. Below is the link to it: https://www.anahatatantra.com/faqs/

This is where you will find frequently asked questions and answers to them. Of course, we encourage you to ask new questions. If there are any issues that are unclear to you - we will be happy to answer. I hope this article will help you prepare for the massage and enrich your knowledge.


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