True tantric massage for couples. What is a tantra couple massage?

tantra couple massage holding their hands

In our Temple, we offer genuine tantric massage for couples. This massage heals the body by clearing energy blockages. The tantric massage is performed by a couple who regularly practice tantra and neotantra, including tantric massage. This couple holds many diplomas and has completed numerous courses and workshops related to massage and (neo)tantra. Read more on our "About Us" page.

Tantra couple massage

In our temple in Warsaw, in accordance with ancient tradition, the body is treated with great respect and takes on a sacred dimension. Through a touch full of love and respect, the masseur unites sexuality with the heart of the person being massaged, which can lead to healing on the physical, spiritual, and mental levels, as well as a deeper connection with one's partner. Read an article that explains what a tantric massage is:

Often, couples choose a couples tantra massage because they are experiencing relationship issues and are looking for a way to rebuild their lost connection. If there is significant jealousy in the relationship, it is better to receive massages individually rather than as a couple. We also welcome couples who simply want to experience a deeper connection on all levels with their partner. The couples massage is performed on comfortable mattresses on the floor, with the couple side by side in the same room.

Some couples wish to experience a tantra massage for two but are not fully convinced yet. They often ask for a Lomi Lomi couples massage, which allows them to feel the atmosphere of our Temple and gain the confidence needed to undergo the ritual of a true tantric massage. If you feel similarly, consider the Lomi Lomi Nui massage with us.

What is the process of a tantra couple massage?

We start by inviting you for a tea conversation, which usually lasts about an hour, though this time can vary depending on your questions. During this meeting, we discuss issues that most tantric massage teachers often do not touch upon. We explain what happens during the massage from an energetic, neurobiological, and psychological perspective. We will introduce breathing techniques aimed at maximizing the benefits of the massage.

After the conversation, you will prepare for the couples tantric massage, and then we will invite you to the Temple. The session begins by establishing a connection on three levels - physical, emotional, and spiritual. Then we proceed to a part inspired by traditional tantra, entering a non-dualistic dimension through dualism, ensuring protection, safety, and dedication to all sentient beings.

The tantric massage begins with the back. The masseurs will breathe in a way that supports the activation of sexual energy - life energy, vital energy. The unlocking of sexual energy begins. Since this is a feminine aspect, it is unpredictable how and to what extent the free flow of energy will be experienced by your bodies. For energetic safety, we do not send energy during the massage, as is the case in other practices. Our goal is the circulation of your energy within the body, activated by techniques discussed during the prior conversation.

Why is tantra massage not erotic massage?

The massage consists of two main parts: first, the back is massaged, then the front of the body. If you have chosen to focus on intimate areas, as part of the front massage, we also offer lingam and yoni mapping massage. It is important to emphasize that this is not an erotic massage but a true tantric massage. We do not aim to achieve orgasm and do not perform friction movements inside the yoni or for men. However, this does not mean there will be no physical pleasure. Orgasms do sometimes occur but are rare. They most often happen with the touch and vibration of the abdominal muscles around the Manipura chakra, even without touching intimate areas. And sometimes they occur with the touch of intimate areas. Every body is different, every person has a different biopole, and the biopole changes every day.

Erotic massages, whether for women or couples, can be valuable if performed hygienically and with respect for boundaries, but they should not be confused with tantric massages. These are entirely different practices that only share the aspect of body touch. Comparing these two forms can be likened to the difference between an orange and a grape - both are fruits, just as both massages are based on touch, but the similarities end there. Read more about the differences between tantric and erotic massages in this article.

What are the effects of a couples tantric massage?

After the massage session, you may feel more peace in your daily life, emotional calmness, and a deeper connection with yourself. You will feel calmer, more confident, and more satisfied. This is a natural state when we connect with our true divine nature, our essence. Additionally, we may experience a state of emptiness, meaning a lack of any thoughts, leading to complete relaxation and rest. A series of regular massages leads to the gradual opening of the body; we start to feel more as new neural connections are formed in the body. Whole-body energetic orgasms are possible in the privacy of your home. These orgasms are not related to genital stimulation; moreover, such orgasms can even occur through a completely touchless massage. For example, we can experience an energetic orgasm of the heart or abdomen.

How to learn this massage?

We conduct individual workshops, meaning You + Us (one couple). We invite you to experience this ritual yourself - this is the best way to understand if you want to learn this professional tantric massage and if you want to learn it from us over many hours spent with us during these workshops.

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