Kama Marma – Tantric massage. What’s that?

Kama Marma Massage

Contrary to appearances, there are many types of tantric massages. This is due to the fact that there are many schools of tantra and tantric massage all over the world, but also that the tantric massage often has elements from other practices. Kama Marma massage contains elements of ayurvedic massage, which mainly consists in pressing Marma points in the body. Furthermore there are also massages related to Temple Arts. These are more complex in their form and have roots in the Matriarchy times. We are also aware of tantric massages, which in reality are erotic massages, in which there is focus in stimulating the erogenous zones to ejaculation - this is not real tantric massage - the word "tantra" is in this case abused for marketing purposes.

Masaż Kama Marma - What is it?

This is a combination of effective techniques known from the Ayurvedic massage with the healing power of sexual energy, also called vital energy. This massage is not about physical pleasure. It's aim is to open the blocked energy channels and help the flow of vital energy in the body. Obviously the massage itself is very pleasant as every massage is.  However real tantric massage is about looking at the body and sexual energy in a much broader context. If we realize how powerful this practice is for healing, transformation and manifestation, our relationship will change radically. It is a rocket fuel for growth and expansion.

Does it get to ejaculation orgasm during Kama Marma massage?

In real tantric massage there is never a purpose of climax, it is a massage done in the passive energy of surrender. Therefore, during the massage feeling of bliss can be experienced, however it is the state achieved by the total release of tension and control, and not after a discharge of tension as in the erotic massage.

Kama Marma massage is known as a therapeutic massage, because it cleanses the body from toxic energies and emotions. The pressing of Marma points and energy channels cleans the flow of energy, thanks to which  we feel blessed, light and we throw away the luggage accumulated in our genes for many generations.


Yoni massage

Kama Marma tantric massage also includes yoni massage - in Sanskrit the term refers to female genitalia. Yoni tantric massage does not rely on internal stimulation, but on the pressure of Marma points for healing purposes. Yoni is like a sponge that absorbs all sorts of emotions throughout a woman's life, so the older she is, the more she has various kind of blockages in the area, often revealing it as a lack of feeling.
The massage consists of a gradual release of negative emotions and tensions from the muscles, sometimes even 1mm of tissue can hold a huge emotional charge. Of course, living with it every day we are most often not in touch with our own body, and the goal of tantric massage is to return to the state of natural bliss and deep feeling.


Lingam massage

In Kama Marma tantric massage for men there is also lingam massage - Taoist techniques are used to clean the energy flow in this zone. In real tantric massage there is no ejaculation, but it is about discharging tension and removing the blockages that are accumulated in the muscles.

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