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Kama Marma – Tantric massage. What’s that?

Kama Marma Massage
(...) over the world, but also that the tantric massage often has elements from other practices. Kama Marma massage contains elements of ayurvedic massage, which mainly consists in pressing Marma points in the body. Furthermore there are also massages related to Temple Arts. These are (...) real tantric massage - the word "tantra" is in this case abused for marketing purposes. Masaż Kama Marma - What is it? This is a combination of effective techniques known from the Ayurvedic massage with (...) It is a rocket fuel for growth and expansion. Does it get to ejaculation orgasm during Kama Marma massage? In real tantric massage there is never a purpose of climax, it is a massage (...) tension and control, and not after a discharge of tension as in the erotic massage. Kama Marma massage is known as a therapeutic massage, because it cleanses the body from toxic energies and emotions. The pressing of Marma points and energy channels cleans the flow of energy, thanks to which  we feel blessed, light and we throw away the luggage accumulated in our genes for many generations.   Yoni massage Kama Marma tantric massage also includes yoni massage - in Sanskrit the term refers to female genitalia. Yoni tantric massage does not rely on internal stimulation, but on the pressure of Marma points for healing purposes. Yoni is like a sponge that absorbs all sorts of emotions throughout (...) tantric massage is to return to the state of natural bliss and deep feeling.   Lingam massage In Kama Marma tantric massage for men there is also lingam massage - Taoist techniques are used to clean (...)
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