How to awaken femininity in oneself? Through tantric massage!

Uśmiechnięte kobiety siedzą

We live in very peculiar times. Everything is changing, and faster than ever before. These changes are not always entirely good. This can be observed especially in our society, and particularly in the relationship between women and men. Therefore, it's worth knowing how to awaken femininity in oneself and return to the natural balance of energetic elements.

Masculine energy and feminine energy

Women and men differ from each other on many levels, including in the energetic field. For a long time, men lived in masculine energy, while passive feminine energy dominated in women. This seemed natural and logical, but it was not entirely satisfying, especially for women. Men dominated. They had the final say, controlled everything, and were guided solely by logic. Women lacked their own space. They were under total control of men and had no opportunity to express their needs. Therefore, women's inner wisdom was at work introducing changes; women wanted to change this. They wanted to find a place for active feminine energy.

Eventually, this was achieved, but the changes went too far. We still live in times of patriarchy, where society is more in masculine energy, but something has energetically changed between the sexes. Currently, most women live in masculine energy, and most men live in feminine energy. One extreme has been swapped for another. Such changes over a longer period cannot be good. Balance must be maintained, because only then can everything function normally.

A woman cannot live in masculine energy, just as a man cannot live in feminine energy. It is unnatural. That is, it is possible, because that is exactly what is happening, but it creates problems. Women and men differ from each other physically, psychologically, and energetically. And neither side is better or worse than the other. It is simply different, but equally important. Just as day and night, white and black, fire and water will always differ from each other, so will women and men differ. Each side is equally important and necessary, and can only be themselves when they exist alongside each other, being so different.

How can one awaken their femininity?

What do we actually understand by awakening one's femininity? Simply put, it's about awakening sexual energy. Energy that is in the entire universe, and in current times is often confused with mere sexual intercourse.

Tantric massage

One of the ways to awaken one's femininity is through tantric massage. Tantric massage unlocks sexual energy and opens the person being massaged to new possibilities. Thanks to it, you will awaken your femininity. You will feel that you are finally truly yourself. You will feel joy in life, love for the world, and people. Some people come for a massage to awaken their feminine energy or to awaken their femininity.

The intentions vary:

  • I'm always in my head, just thoughts, no feelings
  • I don't feel anything, I live like a robot
  • I can't enjoy the presence of others, even close friends or family
  • I only feel my body when I have a fever
  • I can't get satisfaction from touch, sexual intercourse

They say that happiness is a state of mind - is that true? It doesn't depend on material goods, job position, social status, or other people. You can have all of this and not be happy. True wealth and happiness come from within. It's within ourselves. But at the same time, it's worth emphasizing that the lack of material goods, social status, and other people doesn't help in achieving a state of happiness - for more on this subject, refer to the biography of Buddha Shakyamuni.

The law of attraction

In the universe, alongside sexual energy, there exists the law of attraction. In short, it states that our life is as our thoughts are. Setting aside the fact that in Tantra (true Tantra, not neo-tantra), being a nondual path, there are no negative or positive things, thinking positively will attract positive events to us. Thinking negatively will attract negative events. The law of attraction applies in every area of our life. A woman who very much wants to have a child, but lives in constant stress about it because she wants it here and now, will have a problem getting pregnant - which also doesn't mean that every case of difficulty in getting pregnant is caused by stress alone, but it definitely is a key element in life to care for. A single woman who is very afraid of loneliness and wants to find a partner at all costs will have a problem finding the right man. Similarly, a woman who very much wants to live in abundance will be poor.

Why does this happen? Because we focus on what we're missing, and if we don't have something, we get upset, live in fear and stress. These are bad emotions. We need to change our way of thinking. Be grateful for what we already have. Contrary to appearances, this is not at all easy and requires a lot of work on our part. However, it's worth doing, and tantric massage can help us in this. Changing thought patterns to more beneficial ones is difficult, but as I always say, "it's harder to stay, to freeze in place and change nothing." The good news is that in such matters, practice makes perfect. It becomes easier and easier to make positive changes in our life at an increasingly rapid pace.

How to awaken one's femininity - the Shakti energy?

Tantric massage will awaken your femininity, your sexual energy. It will unlock your inner blockages and fill you with positive emotions, which in turn will attract positive people and positive events into your life.

That's how it really is!

Men take note: awakening femininity does not necessarily mean starting to have female traits or look more "feminine".
It is entirely possible, and it all depends on the intention expressed right before the massage. Some people want to become more "masculine," and this too happens through the activation of "femininity" - feminine energy. There is a lot of ambiguity regarding this terminology, but it is precisely the feminine energy, the energy from the earth, the Shakti energy, that leads to the changes we want in life.

Masculine energy sets the direction. Feminine energy is the fuel to reach the destination.

Sergio S Dorje

Such is the law of the universe. Everyone has the right to be happy in their life. Happiness is goodness and love. In today's times, most people forget about this. You can change it, and we will help you with that. Tantric massage can be the first step in awakening your femininity, or better said, "in awakening your Shakti energy."

Are you considering tantric massage, but don't feel quite comfortable yet with receiving a massage in nudity? Sign up with us for a Lomi Lomi massage; it's perfect for those who want to get to know us first and feel the energy that prevails in our Temple.

If, however, you already feel ready for tantric massage, you can sign up for a massage for yourself, for a couple, or you can give a loved one a voucher for a massage.

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