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How to awaken femininity in oneself? Through tantric massage!

Uśmiechnięte kobiety siedzą
(...) society, and particularly in the relationship between women and men. Therefore, it's worth knowing how to awaken femininity in oneself and return to the natural balance of energetic elements. Masculine energy and feminine energy Women and men differ from each (...) everything, and were guided solely by logic. Women lacked their own space. They were under total control of men and had no opportunity to express their needs. Therefore, women's inner wisdom was at work introducing changes; women wanted to change this. They wanted to find a place for active feminine energy. Eventually, this was achieved, but the changes went to o far. We still live in times of patriarchy, where society is more in masculine (...) necessary, and can only be themselves when they exist alongside each other, being so different. How can one awaken their femininity? What do we actually understand by awakening one's femininity? Simply put, (...) and in current times is often confused with mere sexual intercourse. Tantric massage One of the ways to awaken one's femininity is through tantric massage. Tantric massage unlocks sexual energy and opens the person being massaged to new possibilities. Thanks
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