Tantric workshop for everyone – Unlock the Financial Flow

We invite all those who feel that they need more from life. If you feel that something is blocking you from getting  a larger amount of cash, then this workshop is perfect for you. Money is nothing like the energy that naturally flows and ebbs all the time. There is nothing wrong with having more financial resources because money is neither good nor bad, and their resources of abundance are endless in the universe. Yes, money is just energy, and if in your life there is not so much of it, it proves that there are blockages or erroneous programs instilled us by parents in the childhood. Now you can free yourself from everything that blocks you to create a better life in accordance with your desires. You can remain a spiritual man, because in Tantra everything is a manifestation of divinity, money or are no exception. In Tantra, money is energy, also caled feminine Shakti energy that flows directly from the ground - our mother who feeds and dresses us. If in our bodies there are energy blockages, these can cause lack of cash every day. When energy moves freely, we have enough money and we feel safe. At these workshops we mainly focus on techniques unlocking Shakti in the body in order to improve the cash flow.

What you will get

  • You'll learn how to activate the Shakti energy in your body
  • You'll learn more about Tantra, theoretical and practical assumptions
  • You will learn techniques for unlocking financial flow not only in theory, but mainly practical
  • You learn how to connect to the nurturing energy of the earth
  • You will learn new techniques that will help you to better manage your well-being and life
  • Experience healing of the chakras responsible for the financial flow
  • You'll learn how to help the money to flow with the help of tantric massage

You will experience

  • Kundalini Shakti activation
  • Tantric practices alone or in pair
  • Practice with chakras, to clean energy blockages and improve the flow of energy in the body
  • Dynamic and static meditations, in order to balance the masculine and feminine energies
  • Ancient tantric massage techniques using touch, as well as without touch (energetic massage)

Who is it for?

This workshop is for all people, regardless of the path they follow. This is a workshop for people who want to not only improve their financial flows, but also open up to a new better life and to open up to more pleasure. Because in this workshop there will be nudity, it is worth and highly suggested to come with someone you bestow trust. At each workshop we organize, we create a safe space so that you will feel comfortable. It can be a life couple, or you can bring a colleague or friend. The workshop is suitable for everyone.

Will there be nudity?

Yes, in this workshop there will be nudity. This workshop also includes a anus healing practice. At each of our workshops we create a safe space so that each participant can freely explore the subject of the workshop. We create a safe space while respecting the boundaries of each participant.


In the Anahata Tantra Temple which is located in Warsaw


  • 490 EUR - Individual workshop for a couple
  • 380 EUR /1 couple - if you will bring with you a friend couple

Duration of the workshop

[Note, the details and prices are from 2016, therefore are outdated]

Number of participants

2 or 4

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