Tantra workshop for couples – 2 days – Feel the real pleasure

Warsztat tantryczny dla par

Workshop description

We created this workshop specifically for couples to not only build a long-term relationship based on true love, but also open up to the extraordinary gifts that the sexual energy carries. In Tantra, sexual energy is used for spiritual transformation and change, this is a rocket fuel that will take you further than you consciously can imagine. Tantra is a non-dualistic path, unlike religious systems where to be a spiritual person one need to renounce completely materiality and also has to put the pleasure aside, in tantra pleasure is part of the path. We were born in a material human body in order to become an embodied spiritual entity, and therefore the more we enter into matter, the more we develop our base and develop the roots reaching deep into the ground, the more we will be able to rise to the top.

That which is above is from that which is below, and that which is below is from that which is above, working the miracles of one. (The Emerald Tablet)

In this workshop you will connect with your partner at the heart level, it will be a journey into yourself, because the space of the heart is inexhaustible and full of power. Only the sexual energy connected with the heart gives so much satisfaction and pleasure - you can check it out yourself at the workshop. The main topic of the course is to open to delight and pleasure; special techniques will help you discover the bliss which you didn't even dream of!


What you will get

  • You'll learn more about Tantra - ecstatic path of transformation and spiritual development
  • You will learn the chakra system and you will learn how to use this knowledge in practice
  • Learning how to achieve whole-body orgasms for men and women
  • Techniques for purifying the emotions and cleansing the body from old, unnecessary deposits of energy
  • You will learn how to stimulate and unlock the Kundalini energy (Kundalini Shakti) - This energy is a powerful rocket fuel
  • You will learn massage techniques for your partner to stimulate the senses, purify the body and open up to pleasure
  • You will learn different techniques and rituals of love making in Tantra, containing powerful and ecstatic techniques
  • You will discover our proprietary Delight Meditation© and feel its miraculous effects on your skin
  • You will learn meditations for couples that will allow your relationship will flourish
  • You will experience the combination of sexuality and spirituality in practice
  • You will get a powerful but simple in practice techniques that you can practice with your partner every day
  • You will change your approach to sexuality the body to a more positive, pure and holy, free from fear and shame

Who is it for?

The workshop is suitable not only for couples who want to regenerate and refresh their relationship, but also for those who simply want to feel closeness with their partner at all levels - physical, sexual and spiritual. This is a workshop for those who are looking for and want to experience more pleasure with their partner. Here you will get valuable tools to make delight become part of your life. At the workshop there is nudity, but you decide your limits and the degree of involvement.

At the workshop usually take part life couples, but can also come with a friend. Love practices will be selected specifically for your level and readiness to get closer.

Duration of the workshop

[Note, the details and prices are from 2016, therefore are outdated]

Number of participants:

Individual workshop for 1 couple (if you have a couple of friends which would like to participate with you at the workshop, the price per couple would be lower)

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