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Tantra workshop for couples – 2 days – Feel the real pleasure

Warsztat tantryczny dla par
(...) renounce completely materiality and also has to put the pleasure aside, in tantra pleasure is par t of the path. We were born in a material human body in order to become (...) working the miracles of one. (The Emerald Tablet) In this workshop you will connect with your  par tner at the heart level, it will be a journey into yourself, because the space (...) Shakti) - This energy is a powerful rocket fuel You will learn massage techniques for your par tner to stimulate the senses, purify the body and open up to pleasure You will (...) You will get a powerful but simple in practice techniques that you can practice with your par tner every day You will change your approach to sexuality the body to a more positive, pure (...) and refresh their relationship, but also for those who simply want to feel closeness with their  partner at all levels - physical, sexual and spiritual. This is a workshop for those who are looking for and want to experience more pleasure with their partner. Here you will get valuable tools to make delight become part of your life. At the workshop there is nudity, but you decide your limits and the degree of involvement. At the workshop usually take par t life couples, but can also come with a friend. Love practices will be selected specifically for your (...) closer. Duration of the workshop [Note, the details and prices are from 2016, therefore are outdated] Number of participants: Individual workshop for 1 couple (if you have a couple of friends which would like to participate with you at the workshop, the price per couple would be lower) [maxbutton id="2"] [prowadzacy-en] [testimonial-couples-workshop]
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Tantra workshop for couples

(...) beginners as well as for people that already had experience in tantra. Come with your par tner to feel a new quality of sexual energy, which not only carries a lot of pleasure, (...)
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Tantric workshop for everyone – Unlock the Financial Flow

(...) so much of it, it proves that there are blockages or erroneous programs instilled us by par ents in the childhood. Now you can free yourself from everything that blocks you to create a (...) anus healing practice. At each of our workshops we create a safe space so that each participant can freely explore the subject of the workshop. We create a safe space while respecting the boundaries of each par ticipant. Where In the Anahata Tantra Temple which is located in Warsaw Prices 490 EUR - Individual workshop for (...) couple Duration of the workshop [Note, the details and prices are from 2016, therefore are outdated] Number of participants 2 or 4
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