Self-esteem, and how to believe in oneself, how to love oneself?

How to love oneself?

Our life consists of many aspects. All elements should be consistent with each other so that we can say that our life is successful, that we are satisfied with ourselves. Unfortunately, it turns out more and more often that most people think quite differently. And above all, they are not concerned about random situations, but about themselves. They see themselves as the main source of problems, believe that their behavior is wrong, that they don't deserve anything better. In a word, their sense of self-worth is almost non-existent. It seems that this problem is strictly personal and nobody's business... Mistake! It's really worth knowing how to believe in oneself. Very low self-esteem can lead to really bad things happening to us. Isolation, depression, and even suicide attempts.

What is self-worth?

It can be defined in many ways. Some say self-esteem, others talk about their self-image. In short, self-worth is an attitude towards oneself. Not everyone knows that this attitude consists of three components.

The first is the intellectual component, which answers the question "what am I like?". The next element that makes up self-esteem is the emotional component, which can be defined by the question "do I like myself?". The last piece of the puzzle is the behavioral component, that is, how we behave towards ourselves.

Perhaps no one has delved so deeply into this topic, but certainly, each of us has often judged ourselves through the prism of such questions and attitudes.

What can cause our self-worth to plummet? There are many possibilities - it all depends on our mental resilience. Some can believe the first nasty comment about themselves, others cope with such accusations. A nail in the coffin can be the opinion of a loved one about us, failure in an area where we considered ourselves perfect, or a worse period in life. Such elements can make us start to hate ourselves. We close ourselves off, start avoiding situations where we would have to take any action, and distance ourselves from friends. And from there, it's just a step to apathy, pervasive sadness, and ultimately depression. And this civilizational disease cannot be underestimated in any way, as it can even lead to death.

Why do I hate myself? Self-esteem

It's a strong statement, but unfortunately, very often people with low self-worth come to such conclusions. "I hate myself, I can't look at myself in the mirror, I'm so stupid and hopeless" - these are just some of the thoughts that constantly replay in the minds of those with very low self-esteem. And the worst part is that these people shouldn't really think badly of themselves. However, societal pressure and the image portrayed by the media play a significant role.

Consider the female silhouette. It's clear - from every magazine or TV backdrop, retouched, perfect women gaze at us, with not an ounce of fat on their bodies. So, naturally, we strive to match them. But it's impossible... We become paranoid, feeling that we are inherently fat, even if we wear a size small. And from such behavior, the path to eating disorders is very short.

A perfect example is young modeling aspirants. Girls as slender as reeds hear that with such fat folds, they surely won't make a career... for instance, to get into a specific agency, they need to lose 2 cm around their waist or hips, or they're automatically ruled out. Not every silhouette is the same; some can easily shed those centimeters, while others have to harm their body and psyche. It's no surprise to anyone in such a situation that self-worth essentially ceases to exist. Our closest ones also play a significant role in shaping our self-esteem. All these distressing events not only affect our psyche but also create energetic blockages and even traumas in the body, simultaneously inhibiting the flow of sexual energy in the body, leading to further negative consequences.

If you constantly hear criticism from a close person, you eventually start to believe it, because that's how our subconscious works. This mechanism also affects very self-aware individuals. Constant criticism drains one's life and vital energy; the body stops having the "fuel" to defend itself. And thoughts that aren't truly ours begin to circulate in our minds. Thoughts that are repeated incessantly become beliefs about ourselves. Verify your beliefs about yourself, about who you are, beliefs about your body. Are they truly yours? And most importantly - do these beliefs support you?

How to believe in oneself again?

It's not easy, but it's also not impossible. You can certainly regain belief in yourself and boost your self-worth. You just need to know what can help in this matter.

First and foremost, try to accept yourself – if there are things we can change, let's try to do it; if not, simply let go.
Look for positive traits in yourself, because we surely have them – you just need to take a closer look.
Do what you love and enjoy it.
An important, even crucial step to increase self-esteem is realizing that we need, but above all, WANT help.

If our thoughts about ourselves are very negative or if we show signs of depression, the first help should be sought from a specialist, namely a psychologist. Then, as therapy progresses, unconventional healing sessions can gradually be incorporated.

Alternative methods can be very helpful in working on self-esteem and self-worth. Below, we list a few effective methods that have been tested by us, our friends, and clients:

Tantric Massage – This is a deep practice of working with both the physical and energetic body. It awakens life forces by activating personal potential. During a tantric massage, sexual energy is unblocked, which first cleanses the body of energetic blockages, tensions, stress, and negative emotions, and secondly, acts as fuel for transformation. Sexual energy strengthens the motivation for life, for work, activates creativity, releases inner power and strength, thereby significantly strengthening self-esteem and self-worth. The sensual, loving, and present touch that the body receives helps to love oneself and one's body anew. This can be a massage for women or for men.

Reconnective Healing Sessions – These sessions involve introducing a kind of vibration into the body – however, it should not be confused with bioenergy therapy. Vibrations are felt by every human being, even the most skeptical. They not only help soothe pain but also achieve mental balance, as well as boost self-esteem, through the perfect correlation of the body with the mind. The main task is to synchronize the vibrations of the human body with those coming from the universe.

BBTRS – Hidden under this acronym is a true gem that excels at enhancing self-worth. It refers to Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release sessions. What does this mean? It's a way to get rid of traumas through specific, conscious movements, touch techniques, and emotional release. Here too, the goal is to expand the flow of your life energy.

These alternative methods offer a holistic approach to healing and self-improvement, focusing on the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

We might not have realized how serious a problem our lack of self-belief could be. However, it's uplifting to know that we can work on it using the methods mentioned above.




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