Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit – The Impact of Tantric Massage on Human Nature

wpływ masażu tantrycznego na ludzką naturę

The Impact of Tantric Massage on Human Nature

Human nature consists of four aspects, which are entirely different but equally important. These are: the body, mind, heart, and spirit. A person can only function correctly if each of the four aspects is functioning correctly and working together. Therefore, more attention cannot be given to mental development and less to spiritual development. Nor can one focus only on the body and neglect the other aspects. Balance, taking care of each aspect of human nature to the same extent, is the key to a happy and fully conscious life, and the impact of tantric massage on human nature.

In today's world, it is challenging for people to find balance in life. We will suggest what can be done and how tantric massage can help.

Tantric Massage and its Impact on the Body

As we know from Lalonde's concept, the former Canadian Minister of Health, our lifestyle has the greatest impact on our body and health. There is a widespread belief that drugs, dietary supplements, and surgical procedures are the best solutions to health problems. Fortunately, more and more people realize that this is only a shortcut that can, in the long run, do more harm than good. Prevention is better than cure, and the only right way is to lead a healthy lifestyle - consuming nutritious meals, engaging in physical activity, and allowing time for regeneration.

Furthermore, the human body accumulates all the stresses and negative emotions. As a result, muscles are tense, and various pains can occur. It is worth using a massage once in a while. Tantric massage can be very useful, especially when introducing positive changes to our lives. Many people who have been leading a healthy lifestyle for a long time still benefit from massages. Tantric massage is the culmination of all the good things we do for our body. It relaxes muscles perfectly and also affects the human mind, heart, and spirit.

Tantric massage and its impact on the mind

The mind of a 21st-century person is bombarded with a multitude of information every day. It is estimated that every day, a person in the Euro-American part of the world receives more messages than a person in the Middle Ages received in their entire life. Our mind has no time to rest. It is constantly absorbed by something. In our free time, instead of sitting down with a book, meditating, or going for a walk, we prefer to spend time in front of the TV, smartphone, or seek other stimuli for entertainment. The mind needs peace and we can provide it through meditation or a massage session.

Tantric massage has a beneficial effect on the mind. During the massage session, we finally have time to relax, focus our attention here and now. Nothing relaxes us like the soothing touch of a masseuse. During the massage, we will relax our body, making it easier for us to clear our minds. We will look at problems differently. Something that has blocked us so far will stop. Everything will seem simpler, and we will find solutions more easily.

Tantric massage and its impact on the heart

Tantric massage can also help improve our relationships with other people. We often blame our partner for problems in the relationship. If we want to improve our relationship with another person, we must make positive changes in our own lives. Because who we are in a relationship with another person shows who we are. Let's start with ourselves and we'll understand why we behave the way we do, and then it will turn out that the problem was in us, not in our partner.

Couples often use tantric massage sessions. They come with many problems, accumulated negative emotions, mutual accusations. Already after the first tantric massage session, when there is a moment to calm down and reflect, when we experience deep relaxation, it turns out that most relationship problems can be solved.

Tantric massage and its impact on the spirit

We forget about what is most important. Every day we are chasing, focusing on material things, and if we have any spiritual life at all, we push it to the very end. When we talk about spiritual life, we do not mean any specific religion. We talk about universal truth and principles. Every person is part of the universe. Every life is unique and we should appreciate it. Each of us has a mission to fulfill on earth, and everything we do should be based on love and goodness.

Being in a rush every day, it is often difficult to find the true meaning of life. Unfortunately, in many cases, people "wake up" only after some tragedy - illness in the family or an accident. Some are lucky enough to find the true meaning of life themselves. For some, it can be very difficult. Meditation, calming down, confrontation with oneself helps to find our way. And in this aspect, tantric massage fulfills its role. It helps us find ourselves.

Sergio S Dorje

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