Tantric massage course for couples – deep connection magic

Tantric massage for couples - the magic of deep connection.

Values of life - my "why"

Lately, the time is very intense for me to work on myself. I wonder who I am and what is really important to me. The pendulum oscillated in various, often quite extreme directions. Of course, I know that this process has not yet ended, but it will continue for the rest of my life. However, I now had a profound need to name and define my major life values. Also for professional reasons, because I want to do things important to me and stay true to it. Suprisingly, it turned out that these values ​​have evolved over the years (I've done such a thing before) and now I have the opportunity to explore values ​​that are very important to my soul and to the development of the being. One of these values ​​is undoubtedly spiritual development, which is currently the main content of my life - private and professional.

Another very important value in my life is the love and deep connection with the other person at heart level and feelings, body and sexuality but also consciousness. My deepest desire is to be with a partner really close and intimately, be able to open up and show in full, with a whole palette of feelings and emotions, naked in every sense of the word, fragile and defenseless, take off the mask from the face and armor from the heart, give your touch wounds, go down even deeper to the next layers of heart. Panic, that I do it. Give up, devote. Trust. I always wanted such closeness, but firstly blockades and wounds did not allow me to go deeper, and secondly the need for deep connection was replaced by poor substitutes. My observation is that many people are doing just that. Such a substitute may be, for example, compulsive sex, excessive spending money, partying, alcohol, hunger for new relationships, physical hunger too..

Is it in some way familiar to you? How do you feel like while reading this?
And what for you in life is really important?

Where Love meets Sexuality - my "how"

Therefore, there is a lot of space in me that deals with relationships, relations, connections between people, love. I was just 30 years old and found that I have a lot of material to analyze, which I'm currently processing and I'm making conclusions :), which I am willing to share with others.

We are increasingly working in the Temple with couples and it is amazing for me to watch how, thanks to tantric massages, people in long-term relationships open up to themselves, learn completely new spaces and quality in themselves and in their relationship.

Through tantric touch and working with intention, the union can flourish at the level of the three Temples: the body, the heart, and the consciousness. When the relationship is based only on sexuality - it is obvious that longing for something more, for something deeper, because people only associate superficial satisfaction and mainly physical satisfaction. When two people combine feelings and no sex - it is difficult to make a truly intimate relationship between a woman and a man and the relationship will be devoid of roots and power. Regular practice of tantric massages also widens awareness and leads to spiritual development.

Tantric massage course for couples - my "what"

At Anahata Tantra Temple we conduct courses in tantric massage for couples.

In an intimate, family and private place we take a safe journey into the depths of the body, heart and soul. We are very conscious of what is going on, we go down as deep as a couple is open and ready to go.

We only work with one couple per day, so we can give maximum time and attention.

Especially we invite couples who want to:

  • to meet and experience sensual, tender, healing touch,
  • open up to a deeper intimacy and closeness in relation,
  • open your body for even more bliss and pleasure,
  • resurrect the fire, lust and passion in the relationship.




The workshop program can be found here:


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Sergio i Daria

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