True tantric massage for couples

Massage for couples - Warsaw

In the Temple we practice true tantric massage for couples. It is a massage that heals the body through cleansing of energetic blockages. The massage is done by a tantric couple, which on a daily basis practices tantra and tantric massage, have many diplomas and completed a number of courses and workshops related to tantric massage and tantra as a whole.
In our temple, according to the ancient tantric tradition, the body is treated with great respect and it is considered sacred. By the touch full of love and respect, the massage practitioner unites sexuality with the heart on the massaged person, so that healing can take place at the level of body, mind and spirit and also a stronger connection with the partner can take place.
Often couples choose tantra massage for couples because they have troubles e in their relationships and are looking for a path to rebuild the lost connection; come to us also couples that just want to experience woth their partners a deeper connections at all levels. Tantric massage is performed on the floor, on comfortable mattresses and the couple is in the same room, one near the other.

What are the effects of tantric massage for couples?

After a massage session you can feel more peace of mind in everyday life, emotional calm and experience a deeper relationship with each other. You will feel calmer, more self-confident, more happy, this is the natural state when we connect with our true divine nature, our own essence. In addition, we may experience a state of emptiness, that is, the absence of any thoughts and thus feel the total relaxation and comfort.
A series of regular massage leads to a gradual opening of the body, we begin to feel more, and this is due to the formation of new neural connections in the body. It is possible to experience full body energetic orgasms, these are orgasms unrelated to genital stimulation; what's more this kind of orgasms can occur even through a completely contactless energy massage - we can experience ie. heart energy orgasm or abdomen energy orgasm.

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