• Received a 4 hands tantric massage
  • She is from Poland
  • Suffers from depression

Ania is a girl from Poland. She is taking pills to overcome the depression disease. She goes regularly to psychologists since few years. She booked a tantric massage from us. We asked her to write us every day whether she felt some changes, and if yes what did she felt differently. Here are her words (translated from Polish to English):


1 day after the massage she wrote:

Hello, not in the shoulders or head, but generally I feel better, somehow so I am feel more positively with myself, as if the mind was more connected with the body, I do not know if you know what I mean, because I am not able describe it 😛 and besides it, I have a little sore on the sternum and in the uppoer abdomen. And great is the oil used, because my skin looks better. And yesterday I heard that I look different and happy, I really had a very good mood.

2 day after the massage she wrote:

Hey. As for today I still feel more positive and I do not know what it is, but I see there's something true about the smaller waist : P I don't have any stomach problems, and the pants that until now I wore only once last week and were quite tight at the waist, now they are even a little loose 😛 I do not know how much is the power of suggestion and that generally I feel better with myselft, and how much was the massage effect, but I like it.


3 day after the massage she wrote:

Okay, here is today's report 🙂 I continue to feel better, I noticed today as well, that somehow I have more orderly thoughts, which in turn make me calmer. Generally, less acquired in more desire to act. Lately it was not so terribly bad, but now it is somehow better.

8 day after the massage she wrote:

Hello, I did not write yesterday nor the day before yesterday, and since it was supposed to be about a week. So.. the last days nothing has changed, it is better than it was. I didn't do unfortunately the exercise you suggested, because I had a lot of work, but I will do it during the weekend, and next week I'm heading to yoga 🙂


A., Recenzja masażu tantrycznengo na 4 ręce