Eliza & François

[Translated from Polish to English]

I feel that you are doing great.
I have some free time, so I write a few words after Sunday's workshop.

The workshop was amazing and it allowed us to discover our energy reserves.
I never thought that chakras have such a big impact on the functioning of the body and relationships with others ...
We felt that we really have so much of that energy and that we can develop it further.
Therefore it's great that you showed us how to release it one another via the massage - we will practice and we hope that we will reach the next level.
If you could recommend us a book in Polish on budget it would be awesome.

Regarding the sensations in the body after the workshop:

  1. Fatigue - I felt that all my energy ran away from me, I had to quickly lie down to sleep, but the next day it was great
  2. I stopped to have a fancy for meat, I can not look at it, nor I want to eat it, I do not know if it's because of the workshop, or it just somehow happened. But I feel that my body doesn't need it
  3. Frank feels good, he is still mega impressed by his abdominal orgasm and he it incredibly surprised him so now I have the challenge to give it to him again 🙂

Kisses and take care and if there will be an interesting Tantra event in Warsaw let us know and we will book the tickets
See you in February for another workshop led by you, we will come for new knowledge 🙂

Eliza & François, Testimonial about the workshop for couples