• Received a 4 hands tantric massage
  • She is from Thailand

Sananpim is from Thailand and we both gave her a massage in May 2015


I received a 4 hands massage from Natalia and Sergio 3 months ago, It was so amazing with unexpected result that my life blockages was released during the massage which I could not be able to control myself to scream and upper half of body lifted from the floor like an eagle spread the wing when prepare to receiving something greater…that was unbelievable but so fantastic. Immediately after the massage I felt change, life and feeling was more light and bright sound like I drop the whole world from my back to the ground and be able to stand smartly. Since that time of receiving, I feel a lot of positive change in my life like happiness, feeling, maturity very strong to deal and manage with daily life…many people sense it from me and they said I look younger and more aura especially more attractive. I would highly recommend you to experience the massage especially the 4 hands which will transform your life forever. Thanks Natalia and Sergio for the great experience Love Always from Thailand…Sananpim

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