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Royal Rife, vibrations of living organisms, and wave therapy – discoveries of the inventor in the service of medicine

Royal Rife fale mikroskop terapia
(...) is Copernicus, who was only appreciated long after his death. A similar fate befell Royal Rife and his wave therapy, except that most of his work was lost, and his discoveries are still regarded as pseudoscience today. Rife's goal was to heal, and he dedicated his scientific life to this cause. His most significant discoveries, now referred to as frequency therapy, Rife's waves, and also bioresonance – do they work? Science is skeptical, but many believe otherwise. Royal Rife i jego największe odkrycia Royal Rife began his career not as a scientist, but as an employee of a company specializing (...) mentioned that he completed bacteriological studies at John Hopkins University and conducted research on parasites. Rife's true research began after he invented a microscope – or rather improved upon existing designs. Due to his modifications, Rife achieved magnifications that were enormous for the time, comparable to current electron microscopes. Fascinated, he (...) accompanied various diseases, changing their form depending on the environment in which they were observed. Rife named these organisms "viruses", even though – unlike traditionally understood viruses – they were living cells undergoing various transformations. Interestingly, Rife also observed such a pathogen in tissues taken from patients suffering from several types of (...) equipment by researchers and scientists like Gaston Naessens, James Hillman, and Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, who continued Rife's research. The most crucial conclusion from
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