How to have more energy for life and how to feel good? – high energy vibrations

Most people, at least on a conscious level, want to feel good and positive in their everyday lives, wondering how to have more energy for life, for activities, work, and fun. However, you must admit that looking around yourself – on the streets, in bank queues, in shopping centers, at work – we mainly see worried, tired, rushed, often sad people. Their heads are down, backs hunched, and their aura seems to scream "don't approach", "don't touch", "I’m having a bad day – today and all the next ones"... Unfortunately, so rarely on the streets of Polish cities do we see joyful, smiling, satisfied, and friendly people.

  • How often at work do you have the opportunity to talk and cooperate with people with whom you really want to do so, because they are positively inclined towards you, towards colleagues, towards common projects and tasks?
  • And you yourself, how often do you show enthusiasm in new life situations, how often do you remain calm when problems and challenges arise? Do you wonder how to have more energy for life, how to be more engaged in life?

So, if we want to feel positive most of the time, why is it most often the exact opposite? Because we do not know how to do otherwise. As is usually the case, there are many reasons, and in this article, I would not like to elaborate on them. However, it is worth mentioning that in Poland, due to our history, especially the wartime and uprising periods, the energy field is "heavy", "dense" and in our bodies is recorded a fear of survival, anxiety, suffering, and struggle.

The world is energy

The material world is very clearly visible to our eyes, and we can perceive it through the basic senses: we touch the earth, stones, walk on a hard floor; we smell the scent of flowers, the odor of bodies, feel the breeze; we feel the consistency and taste of vegetables, fruits, etc.

Energy is understood and perceived in various ways by different people. Some feel it, others see it, and some simply believe in it or believe that the world is more than just matter. In physics and chemistry, we were taught that the basic component of matter is the atom, which consists of neurons, protons, as well as electrons. However, quantum physics perceives the atom as an energy potential – to put it very briefly.

I am not an expert on this topic, so I refer you, for example, to YouTube channels, where you will find a lot of knowledge about the discoveries of quantum physics presented in an accessible way. I especially recommend familiarizing yourself with the theory of the wave structure of matter. In short, the entire universe vibrates, fluctuates, pulsates. Certain clusters of matter (e.g., minerals and coded stones) vibrate at a specific frequency characteristic of them.

Emotions also possess their own vibration, creating a specific energy field. So-called negative emotions like anger, aggression, sadness, fear, regret, envy, disgust, contempt, apathy, helplessness, etc. are low-vibrational. And when we feel "low vibrations," we simply feel bad.

How to have more energy for life - staying in a state of high vibrations

Logically, if "low vibrations" make us feel bad, then "high vibrations" should make us feel good. And this is indeed the case. That’s why people who are spiritually developing strive to permanently reside in high vibrational frequencies.

What does this state provide? What exactly do we feel then? The range of these vibrations is wide, and every Being also has a different range of sensations - depending on the level of consciousness development, the openness of the body and energy channels, and the degree of receptivity. Constant access to high vibrations (which come from the Source of Creation) opens up to extraordinarily spiritual and unique experiences, such as:

  • contact with Light Beings,
  • connection with Mother Earth, with Nature,
  • empathizing, coexisting, feeling unity with all Beings,
  • high vibration coming from the Source allows for clear seeing,
  • feeling, hearing, abilities for self-healing and healing with divine Light emerge.

Of course, ascending to higher vibrations is a process. We rise and fall, so observe what "throws" you off these vibrations. Through trial and error, consciously start to limit and reduce these situations and factors. When my clients wonder how to have more energy for life, I ask: How often do you feel light, blissful? How often do you experience positive emotions? And why so rarely? Perhaps you listen to depressive music; watch only dramas and horrors; eat food that burdens your body; are around people who constantly complain? Perhaps you find yourself mainly in crowded places where there is an energetic chaos. Think about what eats your energy and effectively lowers your vibrations?

As I wrote above, spiritual experiences stemming from contact with Light vibrations are invaluable. However, we live here on Earth, in matter, and not without reason. That's why I've been wondering so frequently lately, how to combine all this? How to assimilate the state of high vibrations into everyday life, to consciously create the life I want to live, a happy life? So, what changes in people who decide to ascend higher?

Individuals who ascend to higher vibrations (from my observations):

  • begin to communicate from the heart, with full feeling, goodness, and kindness; you feel that such people have pure intentions and want the best for others;
  • are positively oriented towards life and other people, are joyful, can enjoy the moment and appreciate the beauty of the world even in small things (e.g., they can appreciate a wonderful walk in nature, delicious food, or an interesting conversation with a friend); they feel positive emotions much more often;
  • emanate happiness, although they do not have clear reasons for it (e.g., they have not earned a large amount of money or achieved any spectacular successes),
  • have greater trust in life and in the challenges that lie ahead of them; they know that nothing happens without a reason; they can draw conclusions from difficult life situations, and with these conclusions, they enter a new stage of life; they possess mental and spiritual strength, which does not mean that they do not feel sadness or pain, but they do not let themselves be consumed by these emotions and effectively pulled down;
  • respond with greater calmness to what happens to them; they become more balanced; they control their emotions;
  • become much more aware and self-aware; they know how to have more energy for life; they know what is good for them and what is not: what food, music, places, they feel with whom they want to spend time and whose energy does not serve them; they make conscious decisions;
  • start acting from their center, become inner-directed, trust themselves more, their intuition, and inner wisdom; they embrace their personal power;
  • see their uniqueness, specialness, appreciate their talents; they have a healthy ego while at the same time being able to go beyond the ego and feel themselves as a unity with everyone;
  • very often start working for the benefit of other people through healing or engaging in charity work.

How can the experience of tantric massage raise your energy vibrations?

First and foremost, it is worth realizing an essentially obvious thing: to be able to rise higher, one needs to shed what pulls us down, to drop the ballast, which manifests as dense, dark, heavy energies in our body. These energies most often get stuck in the body in the areas of the thighs, hips, intimate regions, and abdomen, because we have learned to successively accumulate, push down, and set aside such emotions as fear, anger, resentment, etc.

Tantric massage (when received regularly) allows for the transformation of emotions, or energies, in an incredibly harmonious and gentle way. It activates the feminine sexual energy known as Kundalini Shakti, whose fire cleanses, burns away, and unblocks stagnant energies in our body, breaking up old and no longer useful structures. We lead the fire to the heart, resulting in a beautiful transformation.

Then, the primal energy of the Source and divinity is brought down, overwhelming bliss in its pure form. We flood our entire body, our entire Being with Light - we experience relief, solace, nurturing, a return home. The longed-for lightness. The combination of these two energies is an explosion of pleasure. Happiness.

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