• Received a tantric massage from Sergio

Hi Sergio!
It’s quite a long time since I have been at Anahata Tantra temple for 1st tantra massage session. I will share below so me of my observations.

Also I would like to schedule next session when
possible and ask if you still gather cases for havening practice?


Feedback after sense wide open massage:

Even though it’s almost 2.5 months, I wanted to share some things that I experienced after previous tantra massage session:
- on the day of massage I felt very happy and enjoyed my body and felt that I couldn’t help smiling till the end of the day, had a lot of energy and love in my heart
- next couple of days - I had a travel. This was a bit stressful, and I started to feel anxiety and was overwhelmed with different emotions, mainly anxiety. I physically felt as if my heart was a bit overheated and it was felt like it has too little space in the body and it’s too narrow space inside. I tried to relax it with breathing. It worked only partly and for short period of time, and I felt I can’t control the energy and emotions, so I eventually gave up and experienced the whole spectrum of emotions (many joys and many tears in short).

That was short-term effects. Long-term - I feel that I have less fears and more energy to socialise, to go into new things and experiments, also it is one of the most positive and optimistic autumns in the recent 10-15 years for me (I previously used to get depressed easily by colder weather, autumn/winter vibes). I observe something new in myself, which is not yet clear to me and not yet tangible or fully formed… but it is still nice and refreshing feeling which inspires me a lot. Thank you for helping me to find out those parts within myself 🫶

O., O.'s effect after Sergio's massage