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Psychological sexual blockage – what is it and what characterizes a blockage towards sex?

sexual blockage
(...) somatic and emotional symptoms of trauma in a short time. For example, trauma therapy with Havening Techniques. Blockage against men in women is often caused by fears of unwanted pregnancy, contracting sexually (...) academic methods, alternative practices with documented effectiveness are also worth trying, such as stress-reduction techniques, Havening therapy, tantric massage, and techniques of Eastern medicine, which for many people, who are negatively (...) This can be combined, for example, by taking a calm walk in the forest together. Havening Techniques® Havening therapy is effective when sexual blockage is caused by past traumas, whether it's sexual violence or failures in the sexual area of life. Havening therapy enables the rapid elimination of fears caused by past traumas. It is a psychosensory (...)
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