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Impressions after the “2nd International Re-Unions of Sexuality and Consciousness”

(...) were the workshops conducted by Zenon D. Dorje and Estera Saraswati, Baba Dez Nichols, Andrew Barnes, Sion Windeløv, Michal Maayan and Dagmara Gmitrzak. It is hard to call these lectures, classes or workshops, (...) ritual Natalia suddenly began to bleed (in tantra bleeding for a woman is a purifying process).   Richard  Sion Windelov We met a spiritual teacher such as Sion Windeløv that during only two hours he was able to share with us a tiny little (...) and facilitators: Alan Palinowski Kasia Gilgenast Andrea Regelmann Michal Maayan Andrew Barnes Ohad Ezrahi Baba Dez Nichols Or Koren Binoy Milton D'Souza Paula Dziemidowicz Boe Huntress Richard Sion Windelov Christina Salmen Swaroop Verma Estera Saraswati Zenon D. Dorje   Performers and other artists: Dagmara Gmitrzak Iwona Demko Anna Patrini Manuela Serafin Anna Rykała Olga Mieszczanek Dagmara (...)
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