Impressions after the “2nd International Re-Unions of Sexuality and Consciousness”

When we registered for this event, we thought that there will be mostly theoretical lessons and lectures. However, the conference gave us much more than some pf the workshops. Firstly, it was a great opportunity to personally meet 28 different teachers and artists in the field of sacred sexuality and tantra, and secondly the processes through which we walked were very strong. We are glad that so many powerful people came, because they created a field that has become the foundation for true magic.

Lecturers, artists and teachers from all over the world

Teachers came from New Zealand, Israel, Poland, United States, England, India, Australia, etc. And we all met together in Cracow, right in the center next to Wawel Royal Castle. The first evening began with greetings, opening ceremony and Medicine Movement dance, which was a wonderful and cleansing experience. In the next days, each leader had the opportunity to run their own mini-workshops.

Particularly strong for us were the workshops conducted by Zenon D. Dorje and Estera Saraswati, Baba Dez Nichols, Andrew Barnes, Sion Windeløv, Michal Maayan and Dagmara Gmitrzak. It is hard to call these lectures, classes or workshops, a more appropriate vocabulary would be ritual,of healing session or practice. After each session, we felt a change in our vibration, in a word, true miracles happening. Sergio particularly strongly felt the shamanic ritual of reprogramming sexual patterns - led by Baba Dez.


Dagmara Gmitrzak

For Natalia the strongest experience was a yoni healing through sound sacred ritual led by Dagmara Gmitrzak. Each of the women who participated in the workshop felt a descending down to earth energy. It was an extraordinary and very cleansing process, its extraordinariness is evidenced by the fact that immediately after the ritual Natalia suddenly began to bleed (in tantra bleeding for a woman is a purifying process).


Richard Sion Windelov

We met a spiritual teacher such as Sion Windeløv that during only two hours he was able to share with us a tiny little bit of what he knows, but also practices that have changed our lives. Unfortunately, it is impossible to describe everything, because words can not express the essence.


Andrew Barnes

Andrew Barnes, as it turned out is an extremely talented sexual therapist and he is very ably steer and control the sexual energy, not only in his own body, but also in the bodies of other people, so it can heal and help. At earlier stages of the tantric path such knowledge and capability is necessary to go through a thorough process of de-armoring and get rid of unnecessary energy blockages. This is the knowledge used in practicing tantric massage in our Temple. We can write many good words about this conference, but they are not able to express what  this re-union really changed, we suspect that these are so subtle levels that we are not aware of the changes which now take place in the universe.

The conference is a place for people who have found or are trying to find their power and want to develop independently as a strong unit in order to grow spiritually.


Speakers and facilitators:

  • Alan Palinowski
  • Kasia Gilgenast
  • Andrea Regelmann
  • Michal Maayan
  • Andrew Barnes
  • Ohad Ezrahi
  • Baba Dez Nichols
  • Or Koren
  • Binoy Milton D'Souza
  • Paula Dziemidowicz
  • Boe Huntress
  • Richard Sion Windelov
  • Christina Salmen
  • Swaroop Verma
  • Estera Saraswati
  • Zenon D. Dorje


Performers and other artists:

  • Dagmara Gmitrzak
  • Iwona Demko
  • Anna Patrini
  • Manuela Serafin
  • Anna Rykała
  • Olga Mieszczanek
  • Dagmara Rosiak
  • Tatiana Cichocka


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