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Vaginismus, what is it, symptoms, treatment methods, therapy

Ból - pochwica - opis
Table of Contents WstępEtiologia i klasyfikacjaPochwica pierwotnaPochwica wtórnaObjawyDyspareuniaAspekt psycholog icznyMetody leczeniaLekarz i diagnozaPsychoterapiaFizjoterapia uroginekologicznaDilatoryAlternatywne metody leczeniaOsteopatiaTechniki relaksacjiOddechMBSRWizualizacjaJogaMasaże tantryczneStyl życiaTerapia łączona Introduction The symptoms of vaginismus were (...) associated with the occurrence of psychosomatic and psychogenic causes. Therapy must include both gynecological and psycholog ical treatment. It is recommended to supplement treatment with sexology therapy. Due to the occurrence of (...) guilt,emotional numbness,fear of commitment,distrust,feelings of weakness and helplessness,the feeling of losing control during sexual contact,shyness Aspekt psychologiczny The psycholog ical aspect is an integral part of vaginismus and its impact on mental health. According (...) in on themselves. Their self-esteem and mood drop. This can lead to the onset of psychological disorders, including depression or generalized anxiety disorder. In some cases, it may also affect the identification of sexual orientation or identity. The psycholog ical aspect is also important due to the causes of vaginismus. Bad sexual experiences, too (...) vaginismus can be made not only by a gynecologist, but also by a sexologist and psychologist, but only a physician can make the diagnosis. A psychologist can only identify symptoms and refer to a doctor for a final diagnosis, but they can treat diagnosed vaginismus with psycholog ical methods. There are many treatment methods, and their combination can only speed up the (...) in combination with other methods. It is also used in patients with severe anxiety disorders. Psycholog ical treatment is especially important in the case of psychoemotional vaginismus. Often, fear of intercourse (...)
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