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Meditation and Energy Connection During Tantric Massage

Medytacja i połączenie energetyczne
Meditation and energy connection - during a true tantric massage, it is necessary to take care of three dimensions: outer, inner, and secret. Inner dimension Meditation and energy connection between the person giving the massage and the person receiving it are (...) a true tantric massage because they contribute to the effects of the session. The special meditation that we conduct just before the massage, along with a special breathing technique, has the (...) will write about the internal and secret level of the place in another article. What does meditation before starting a massage session do? Meditation before the massage allows you to relax. During this process, we get rid of stress (...)
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Vaginismus, what is it, symptoms, treatment methods, therapy

Ból - pochwica - opis
(...) the fight against vaginismus make up a fairly wide group. They include: osteopathy, yoga and meditation , visualization practices, relaxation, and others. Osteopathy Osteopathy is concerned with the removal of somatic effects of (...) the relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles. MBSR as Support in Vaginismus Treatment Mindfulness (MBSR) is a meditation technique that originated in the late 70s. At that time, it was a medical and (...) and plans reactions anew. This can lead to a decrease in pain responses. Moreover, mindfulness meditation helps better organize work and gain more energy for action. It is a way to (...) us without dwelling on each of them. It is extremely important in relation to mindfulness meditation that it is confirmed by research. It has been proven to affect the brain structures (...) minimal and the occurrence of side effects is impossible. Read more about different types of meditation and its effect on the body in the book "The Power of Spiritual Development". Visualization A practice (...) vaginismus. To truly relax the muscles that tense involuntarily, it is extremely important to introduce meditation during the performance of asanas – poses. Only such a conscious approach to the yoga (...)
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