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How to prevent Coronavirus and virus flu. Increase the immune response.

how to prevent coronavirus virus infections
(...) care of it. What can be done? How to cure coronavirus or other virus influenza? Meditation can help fight viruses As we can see in the graph below, meditation, especially mindfulness meditation has been and is being studied every year more and more. Hundreds of new researches about mindfulness are being done and published every year. Source: https://goamra.org/resources/ How does meditation help to fight virus infection? Meditation is extremely helpful to help the human body to reach homeostasis - a level of (...) start to give sense of pain, or when high fever manifests itself. Good and regular mindfulness meditation is helpful to drastically decrease stress. It also helps us to change our character and (...) life, or trying to deal stressful situation in a non-stressful way can be lifechanging. Mindfullness meditations and Zazen meditation really help a lot. Only the intentions "not to stress" is not enough. Meditation helps to activate parts of the brain that will help us not to stress, at (...) to me more "here and now" avoiding to have many thoughts that pollute our mind. Meditation is good for it to be a regular practice. For example starting twice a day (...)
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How did Tantra become our life path?

(...) and many others. Yoga After we started to practice the secret, we also started practicing regularly yoga and meditation . We tried different systems of yoga, but amonge the yoga styles we tried, the (...) this one is a much more spiritual yoga focused on performing asanas in a deep state meditation in contrary to others like Ashtanga, Vinjasa, etc. Which they are also good especially for (...) effect as a real spiritual practice.   Effects Seeing the material and non-material effects that the secret & Yoga & meditation brought us, we got additional motivation to further develop, because we felt that things are not (...) even greater effects. It was necessary to search and it lasted a few years. Yoga and meditation and the secret work, the effects are often quick but not necessarily immediate ....   Tantric Massage In (...)
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