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Tantric Massage – How to awaken Kundalini energy?

What is Kundalini Kundalini energy is a known to everybody subtle spiritual energy that most people have asleep and is located at the base of the spine. Since long time we know that after you wake up this energy it raises to the very top and reaches the Sahasrara chakra - where the connection with the Absolute takes place, and the person experiences the state of Samadhi, or enlightenment.   Kundalini yoga There is a whole system of yoga, which its goal is to awaken the Kundalini and gradually go through all the chakras up to the top. The Kundalini Yoga is quite effective, but also dangerous practice. Often happens that the person begins to practice Kundalini yoga and suddenly have different visual hallucinations or hears strange noises. This happens because the body must be properly cleaned for our own security of energy blockages before awakening Kundalini
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