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Tantric massage vs ordinary classical massage – what’s the difference?

masaż klasyczny
(...) of the whole body or just a part of the body without the use of energy circulation in the body. This kind of massage is designed to relax, improve blood circulation , but often people that receive this massage do not feel so good after such a massage, (...) they may be needed for rehabilitation.   Tantric massage Tantric massage instead focuses on the use of sexual energy in the body. During the massage sexual energy is waken up and it is brought to internally circulate in the body. Because average people usually do not have contact with such a process, they must first get used to such a energy circulation. Why do we need energy circulation in the body? Sexual energy is the most powerful energy that we have - we were create from it and it is -we want it or (...) have children, grandchildren, and so on. On the other hand we carry in our bodies much energy blockages from the past. These are so-called trauma, stress, tension, or any other emotions that we suppressed and (...) attracting similar or the same situations from the past. The aim of tantric massage is to remove energy blockages from the body; sexual
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